Here's a round up of everything we've been listening to, reading, watching, eating, supporting and more this week!

What we’re listening to

Spirits Podcast Skull Banner

This week, we’ve been listening to Spirits Podcast by Julia and Amanda. If you like ghosts, spirits, myths, legends and anything kinda creepy, kinda cool, then you’ll love this. Each episode matches a boozy drink to the topic of the week, so you can drink along as you listen (and why wouldn’t you?). The duo manage to breathe life into everything from The Ancient Greeks to Wonder Woman, sticky sea horses (not seahorses but sea horses) to the Filipino Aswang (not nearly as rude as it sounds, but much more terrifying). Give them a listen as you trek back and forth to uni - it’s perfect for the Halloween season.

What we’re reading

H is for Hawk and a hot chocolate

H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald was released in 2014, but I only recently started reading it. Macdonald is a true wordsmith, and H is for Hawk dissects grief, loss and the mourning process through the feathered lens of falconry. Grab a blanket, a mug of hot chocolate and a box of tissues and settle in. Much more exciting to read than dusty old textbooks.

What we’re buying

lush bath bomb  

Source: Giphy

Lush have released their Halloween bath bombs, and if you’re into the whole witchy goth aesthetic, you’ll want to get your paws on the Bewitched bubble bar. It’s shaped like a black cat with yellow eyes, smells like blackberries and colours the water an inky, sparkly black. Crumble into your bathwater, sit back, relax, and soon you'll forget all about that creepy brown patch on the ceiling that keeps growing.

What we’re supporting

bakers covered in flour

Luminary Bakery is a social enterprise that empowers women through training, employment, community and baking, equipping them with transferable skills and increasing their employability in order to break the cycles of abuse, poverty, criminal activity and prostitution. They've got Bake Off's Benjamina on board and, importantly, their salted caramel brownies are to die for. Find a list of stockists here: Luminary Bakery and grab yourself a brownie to help you power through those essays.

What we’re drinking

drinking two glasses of champagne at once

Source: Giphy

Lidl Prosecco is £5.79 and it makes us feel exceptionally fancy for basically no money. Park the vodka and orange juice and treat yourself to some cheap bubbly.

What we’re watching

transparent promotional image

Season 4 of Transparent has just been released on Amazon. If you haven’t seen the first three series then WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? The basic premise is that a Jewish patriarch, father to three grown-up kids and a grandfather, comes out as transgender. Viewers follow each member of the dysfunctional family through their lives, intertwining historical tales with modern ones. Sexuality, gender identity, religion and family relationships are all examined on a minute level that makes the viewer squirm, unsure whether to laugh or cringe. It’s won an absurd 42 awards, and stars Kathryn Hahn. I can’t sell it to you more than that.

What we’re eating

maryland cookies multipack

I don’t mean to excite you, but you can get a triple pack of Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies for just £1.50 in Sainsbury’s. They’ve made the Student Hut office a very happy place to be.

What we’re wearing

girl wearing topshop's stranger things collection

The Topshop Stranger Things collection is right up our spooky street at this time of year. Get your hands on a retro t-shirt, lunch box or rucksack and channel your inner Eleven.

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