It's reading week... It's freezing cold... Time to grab your laptop, your duvet, and optionally a willing big spoon, and hibernate for the foreseeable future.

The End of The F***ing World

The show focuses on a 17-year-old boy who, convinced that he’s a sociopath, decides to kill a classmate. Despite the dark subject matter, the show has been hailed as a truly humorous representation of teenage angst. The only downside is that it’s comprised of just 8 30-minute episodes… Cue watching the whole thing in one evening and then reevaluating your life…

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Black Mirror

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Black Mirror is a must-watch. As well as the two newer made-for-Netflix series, the original series’ are so worth watching, including the infamous prime minister-and-the-pig pilot episode… Which came out in 2011, a much simpler time when the idea of an MP having sexual relations with an animal seemed preposterous…

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The Crown

Get ready to find an interest in the royal family that you never knew you had… Bonus points if you’re a history student, pointing out anachronisms totally counts as revision.

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Dear White People

Even if you haven’t watched “Dear White People” (the series or the movie), you’ll definitely have heard people discussing it. People have vastly varying opinions on how the show deals with the many facets of race-relations, but when something so complex is discussed, differing opinions are to be expected. The way the college students broach the racial issues of today has led to the show being widely praised for its opening of dialogues.

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Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Set in the 1980’s Alison Brie starts wrestling on an all-female team. Yep, the plot is as wacky as it sounds, I personally would watch it for the costumes alone. Oh, and Kate Nash is in it… Weird right?

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Modern Family

An absolute MUST WATCH for anyone who hasn’t gotten around to it… There’s so many episodes to binge on, and it’s equally heart-warming and hilarious. Also, it’s Obama’s favourite TV show, and I totally trust his judgment.

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Now several seasons in, Black-ish has been praised for tackling the toughest topics of the day, while still incorporating funny storylines and lovable characters, without trivialising. Also, it’s disliked by a certain president of the USA… Which is a good thing in my book…

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Stranger Things

Head over to the little town of Hawkins, Indiana and join a rag-tag team of nerds as they tackle terrifying supernatural forces. As much a psychological thriller as anything, you’ll be blown away by Winona Ryder’s acting (as usual), feel incredibly protective of tiny runaway Eleven and her superpowers, and fall just a little bit in love with Chief Hopper and his dad bod.

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The Grand Tour

I haven’t actually seen this one… But to be honest I feel like I can write this without having seen it… It’s basically Top Gear, isn’t it? Except they can’t legally call it Top Gear because that’s still on the BBC but presented by Joey from Friends. Basically, everyone still seems to love it, although how anyone can put up with Jeremy Clarkson for more than five minutes is beyond me.

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One Day at a Time

Now two seasons in, this is a wonderfully uplifting show about a family of Cuban heritage living in America. You’ll probably watch the whole thing within two days, spend most of it laughing, and have the occasional cry (if you don’t then you’re heartless).

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Parks and Rec

So many famous faces, so many quotes you already know, if you haven’t actually watched the show yet, then what are you waiting for?! Treat yo self!

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The Good Place

A show about where you go when you die doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be that cheerful, but it really is. The Good Place is quirky, fun, and the perfect amount of unpredictable.

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Ahhh... You shouldn't have to leave bed for AT LEAST a week...

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