Check out the first ever 'Piggyback Backflip' on skis landed by 2 students from the University of Exeter. You have to see this to believe it...
2 guys from the University of Exeter have set the skiing world alight by succeeding in their attempt to do a piggyback backflip on skis. What's that, you ask? Well, it's a backflip... on skis... while giving someone else a piggyback at the same time... Gnarly!
This is the first one caught on camera and is potentially the first one ever successfully completed.
Both Andy Pelton (the skier) and Rob Fail (the guy on his back) are part of Exeter Snowsports and filmed this while on a trip to Val Thorens.

Originally the brainchild of Andy Pelton, the piggyback backflip was discussed for several months among the Exeter snowsports freestyle community. Few believed it was possible but on the last day of their trip, Andy Pelton and Rob Fail completed this spectacular manoeuvre.

Student Hut were lucky enough to bag an exclusive interview with the record breakers themselves, Andy Pelton and Rob Fail (what could have gone wrong with a name like that?)

Check out the crazy video below the interview!

thanks very much for talking to us here at Student Hut. We're honoured to be talking to a couple of ground breaking heroes!

 Pelton & Rob: No problem at all, thanks for chatting to us!

Andy, how long have you been skiing?

 Pelton: 17 years ish

Rob, how long have you been extreme piggybacking?

  Rob: Haha - before I could walk!

What's your favourite ski resort?

 Rob: Tignes, it had some insane pow when I was there
 Pelton: Anywhere with a park

Who are your favourite freestyle skiers?

 Rob: Henrik Harlaut (yessir) but everyone really... Candide, Wallisch, Tanner Hall, JP Auclair and of course McConkey, I think it's (The Piggyback Backflip) the kind of thing he'd have done!
 Pelton: T. Wall, Jesper Tjäder, the TC crew... anyone that's fun to watch...

Were you inspired by skiers like James 'Woodsy' Woods at the Olympics to push the boundaries and try something completely different?

 Rob: Yeah well Woodsy has been doing sick, flying the GB flag for years now and inspired me to get into freestyle. I wanted to do my first backie on snow and decided to use Pelton as my training wheels.
 Pelton: Woodsy is a good egg

How did the insane idea come about for the 'piggyback backflip'

 Rob: Pelton's lack of marbles conceived this mad idea!

Where were you when you stomped 'The Piggyback Backflip'?

 Pelton: After scouting out all the kickers in the 3 Valleys, we decided Moon Park in Meribel had the perfect piggyback backflip jump.

Was this your 1st attempt at the new trick?

 Pelton: We tried it on the air bag in VT and got kicked off straight away so skied over to Mottaret and tried it again on the airbag there. Got 1 attempt in but luckily it went pretty well so we thought we might as well try it on snow.

What was going through your minds as you approached the jump?

 Rob: A) Nervous  B) Anxious  C) Apprehensive
 Pelton: I had Rob giving me a pep talk on the run in so I was feeling pretty optimistic!

Did you worry about what would happen if it went wrong?

 Rob: NO! Pelton wanted to take his helmet off!!!

How did you capture the footage? It was a really cool edit with lots of different angles!

 Rob: Yeah the club, Exeter Snowsports, has stepped it up this year and invested in a drone which gave that sick angle at the end but there was also footage from several other cameras.  Our media sec. Paddy Bartram did a wicked job knocking up the sweet little edit of it.

What's the biggest trick you guys have ever pulled on skis?

 Rob: 7s and backies on a dry-slope...where real men ski!
 Pelton: Dub 10 boiiiiiii...

Have you ever had any big crashes?

 Rob: In my 15 years of racing and freestyle no, I’m invincible baby!
 Pelton: Broke my hand doing a backflip, once
 Rob: Errr...oh yeah, I also broke my hand once from a pathetic fall on a C-rail...

You're video has hit, and even Canadian local news. Now you've gained all this notoriety, what's the next big trick you've got planned to continue your fame?

 Rob: Whatever pops out of Pelton’s head, probably involving goats?

How long have you been part of Exeter Snowsports society?

 Rob: 3 years now, making my way to El President
 Pelton: 2 years 

How many members are there?

 Rob: Over 750 wonderful people

What's better - Skiing or snowboarding?


Who's the best skier and the best boarder in Exeter Snowsports?

 Pelton & Rob: Skiers: Obviously us! Boarder: Ron

Who only goes along for the piss ups and is more likely to be in La Folie Douce than on the slopes?

 Pelton: JACK BLAND!

What else do you guys do as a society in between trips?

 Rob: We’ve got so much going on throughout the year.  Racing, lessons, freestyle trips, competitions, huge socials, lots of fun, you name it, snowsports related - we do it!

Who can get involved and how would they go about doing this?

 Rob: Anyone at the University of Exeter can get involved, they can sign up at the Freshers Fair or throughout the year for just 30 quid.

Where are you heading for your trip next year?

 Rob: Still undecided for Christmas but you can be sure we’ll be heading back to the scene of the crime in Easter!

Without further ado, here's the legendary trick that's got the ski world so stoked...

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