Sworn rivals. Pitted against each other.

Now that UK universities are allowed to charge a ridiculous £9250 a year, competition is heating up. So how does your favourite university fare when placed next to it’s sworn rival? Let the battle begin!

university of Manchester vs Manchester met

Univeristy of Manchester's League Table Position: 46th

Daftest Review: "Rock idol-er"

Manchester Met's League Table Position: 30th

Daftest Review: The Sadomaschocist

Nottingham vs Nottingham Trent

Nottingham Trent's League Table Position: 28th

Daftest Review: Should have been taught in an elaborate bungalow.

Nottingham's League Table Position: 31st

Daftest Review: "Utter shite"

Birmingham vs Loughborough

Birmingham's League Table Position: 36th 

Daftest Review: One more time?

Loughborough's League Table Position: 39th

Daftest Review: Clearly the irony escaped them.


University of Sheffield vs Sheffield Hallam

Uni of Sheffield's League Table Position: 42nd

Daftest Review: Statement or plea?

Sheffield Hallam's League Table Position: 74th

Daftest Review: But are you ok?

King's College london vs lse

King's College League Table Position: 21st 

Daftest Review: Jack the Ripper lives

LSE's League Table Position: 49th

Daftest Review: From which we learn that LSE students are not at all daft.


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