Fancy making a huge difference to celebrate 10 years of CoppaFeel? This is an event with a difference!

The Challenge 

Not only will you be trekking Wales’ highest mountain (Snowdon, for our fellow geographically challenged friends), you’re going to do it at night! But don’t worry, it’s not all mud and unflattering windbreakers (although they will be involved), those selected will also get…

  • A dreamy brunch at sunrise
  • A yoga session to remember
  • A free sweatshirt
  • Bubbles at the summit

As well as an incredible feeling of accomplishment that you’ve raised money for such an amazing cause! (And that you did so much exercise and really earnt that drink at the top!).

To find out about registering, and everything you need to know about fundraising and sponsorship, click here!

The Cause

CoppaFeel is turning 10! Yes that's right, one whole decade of giving every young person in the UK the knowledge and techniques to stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer. 

When it comes to breast cancer, early detection makes ALL the difference, which is why our friends over at Coppafeel have spent 10 years encouraging young people to do the following;

  • Check their breasts regularly from a young age
  • Get educated about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer
  • See a doctor as early as possible when you spot the signs

To find out more, and get involved APPLY HERE!

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