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Our Pick a Degree section makes it easy for prospective students, like you, to search for degree courses, view their vital statistics and compare them to other courses. We aim to faciliate an enjoyable and easy experience for anyone unsure about their higher education choices. Not only can you find specific courses, use our filters to work out which degree courses would be most suitable for you. There are tens of thousands of higher education courses offered at a broad range of institutions, so without guidances it all can be very daunting. 

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This will give you a step-by-step guide to the Pick a Degree section on Student Hut. This will allow to utlitise the resource and ultimately make the best possible decision regarding your degree.

Search for a Degree

On the homepage, you can find a degree course by searching for the subject and/or the University. This is perfect if you know which degree course you would like to view. Alternatively, if you are unsure of exactly what you are looking for, leave the two boxes blank and click go! This will bring all the courses and from there, you can narrow down your options using the filters.


Option Filters

If you are unsure of what you want to do at university or aren't even sure what options are available to you, Student Hut can help. We have filters which help you narrow down your options and only view courses which will interest you. Filters include distance from home, campus type and location type.


So, if you want to study a History degree at a Russell group university in a large city in England, the image below (left) shows the options you should pick. And on the right are some of the search results that would be returned. As you can see, there is a very brief overview of the vital information next to each course. If you wanted more information on a particular course, click the 'View Course' button.


What should you be looking for?

Everyone is looking for something unique out of their university experience, so what is important to you could be different to someone else. However, it is always vital to know the make up of the course from how you will be taught through to details on those vital assessments. Also, find out whether the most recent graduates were satisfied with their course, as we have stats for overall satisfaction levels and ratings of other important elements of the course.

Academic considerations are not the only part of the decision making process. Finding a university and a location that suits you is equally important. You will be spending at least three years living there so it is vital to find somewhere you like. For each course we have a breakdown of all tuition costs, plus the average cost of living at that university. For most of you, going to university is to help improve your prospects and opportunities in the future. We have the official stats detailing what recent graduates of each course are doing now as well as how much money you are likely to earn in the future.

Course Comparison

The statistics for each degree can be somewhat confusing unless there is a point of comparison. Student Hut allows you to compare the statistics for up to 4 courses at once. When you have found the degree you are interested in, click the compare button. When between 2 and 4 courses have been selected, click 'Compare Courses' on the right side of the page. From there you can see all of the vital statistics side-by-side in an easily understandable format.


Above: A comparison between History at Bath Spa University and Anglia Ruskin University.

IndependEnt Feeback

It can be tricky to get a true feel for a course with statistics alone. As an extra level of insight, it is also helpful to find out what current students or recent graduates really thought about the course they did. This is the best way to grasp whether you would enjoy actually studying the course. On Student Hut, students and graduates have left their feedback on their course including opinions on specific aspects of the course; for example teaching quality and learning resources.

This feedback is not available anywhere else and provides an excellent, extra level of insight to help you choose the perfect degree course. Below is a real review of BA History at the University of Southampton from a recent graduate.

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