15 student heating hacks to keep you toasty warm this winter. Find out how to stay warm without heating.


1. Sit in the kitchen while people are cooking

how students stay warm without heating hot food

It will be the warmest room, guaranteed, plus there’s hot food to eat afterwards. Leave the oven door open after cooking to spread the heat around and you’ll certainly warm up.

2. Share your bed

how students stay warm without heating hug partner in bed for body warmth

Nothing like a bit of body warmth on a cold night, as long as you pick someone who doesn’t wriggle. If you’re single, Tinder should not be ruled out. (you could even end up at someone else’s warm house...)

3. Tape clingfilm over drafty vents

This is the best tip to get rid of those cold drafts coming from wall and window vents in a cold bathroom. Tape clingfilm over vents to stop the outside air getting in if you don't mind it getting a bit steamy (and risking the mould!). Tape clingfilm over the vent & make sure there’s no gaps.

4. Get everyone to study in the same room

how students stay warm by studying in one room together

Make the most of each other’s warmth by concentrating the body hear all in one room. Voila, the heating becomes (almost) redundant.

5. Stop shaving

how students stay warm without heating funny hairy lady

Grow out your body’s own natural thermals to trap in the heat, it's in vogue now (and if you’re bored check out these hilarious pictures of celebrities painted like food, by The Hairy Ladies).

6. Make this flowerpot heater which runs on candles, à la Daniel Blake

 how students stay warm daniel blake without heating flowerpot candle heater   

You’ll need one big flowerpot, one small one, some candles and something to balance it on (watch the tutorial here)

7. Get a mini heater from Freecycle or SnaffleUp

how students stay warm by getting free heaters hacks

If you don’t want to heat the whole house when you’re the only one in, you need a portable heater. People give away things all the time on Freecycle, you just have to keep your eyes peeled and act fast.

8. Choose the room with an east facing window so that the sunlight will help you warm up

how students stay warm without heating warming up a room sunlight

You get a choice, pick the room which will get flooded with warming sun in the mornings. DISCLAIMER: your uni room will never look like this.

9. Drink and you'll forget about it

how students stay warm without heating drinking alcohol

Goes without saying really. And clubs are warm.

10. Can't afford to put the heating on? Don't forget about hot water bottles

how students stay warm without heating hot water bottles brenda funny

Careful though, Brenda's broke.

11. Rolling up a towel is a great heating hack for drafty rooms

how students stay warm with heating hacks block drafts

It's fantastically door-draft shaped. If it won't stay, put a hairband around it.

12. Steal all the duvets in the house, lock yourself in your room and pretend to be out

how students stay warm without heating blankets duvet warmth

This one might lack longevity.

13. Zip your hoodies or coats together for an effective way to trap body heat

how students stay warm without heating hoodies clothing layers together body warmth

How to: two peices of clothing with the same shaped zip can be zipped together on both sides, leaving you toasty warm thanks to all that body heat. It does make moving difficult though, especially if you're not the same height.

14. If the library is cold, go work in a cafe instead

how students stay warm without heating hacks cafe

They’re warm and cosy, have wifi, and people will bring you coffee and food. The dream.

15. Fill a teapot with boiling water

how students stay warm without heating ideas teapot miniheater hand warmer

Voila! Mini heater. It will stay warm for a while & and you can warm your hands on it while you work



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