Any interview can be scary, especially when you have one for the university you really want to attend. We share our tips and bits of extra information to help you ace that interview!

You may be surprised to hear that university interviews are not there to intimidate or scare you. These interviews are actually put in place in order for the teaching staff to see a more detailed picture of your interests and passions because a personal statement can only reveal so much. It is also a chance for you to meet current students and ask them any questions you have and get honest feedback. You may go to taster lectures and seminars which are a great way to get an idea of some of the content you would be studying. You can also get a good look at the campus and facilities one more time if you weren’t able to make an Open Day. There is more to an interview day than you may think so here are our tips!


Dress appropriately

Once you get to university you can wear whatever you please but for a university interview you want to dress smart. There’s no need for a three piece suit and pocket watch (that can come another day) but turning up in jeans and trainers won’t look good. Give off the impression you take the interview seriously but you are also comfortable in an academic environment.


Arrive on time

To save being flustered, arrive on time for your registration. If you are taking a train or coach and there have been major delays, call the department so they know your situation and can re-arrange a time for your interview.


Re-read your personal statement

In the same way you would ready a cover letter and cv before a job interview, this applies to university interviews, too. This not only reminds you exactly what you wrote about but also gives you a chance to think about any points you want to expand on (as you may be asked about them!). For example, if you wrote about a book you liked then you may be required to have a small discussion about it with your interviewer.


Come prepared with questions

This shows that you are interested in the course and the university. It also opens up the opportunity for you to find out more about the careers that your chosen degree can be useful for. Or, you can clarify any confusions about any systems the university has about assessment etc.


Research the course and university

In the same way you would for a job interview and the company employing you, knowing basic information about the institution will go a long way. You can talk about different modules that interest you or some of the famous facilities a particular university may offer to its students to show enthusiasm.


Regularly check your emails

You may be given registration numbers or instructions of where to go and when on the big day. Some universities will also have a timetable of events especially for your interest and information so make sure you know what you’re doing on the day!


Make sure you know how you will be contacted after the interview

Knowing the results of your interview is, of course, very important. Knowing how you will be contacted will save confusion and time.


Don’t be afraid to make friends

Talk to the other students being interviewed. You never know, you may be studying with them next year! Chatting to other interviewees can ease the nerves and also make you feel more relaxed by having a friendly chat.


Try to control the nerves

You may be able to bring a friend or parent with you to try and ease the nerves but they can’t come with you into the interview. Just remember to talk about why you love the subejct you have applied for and why your interests make you the best student for that course!


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