How to get through the last weeks of uni without giving up and becoming a goat herder in Iceland.

You’ve been revising for months, you’ve battled through most of your exams and you’re starting to lose the battle against curling up in bed and sleeping for the rest of the day. Here’s how to get through the last weeks of uni without burning out.

1. Re-set your study space

How to get through the last weeks of uni - desk space

Look around your desk. There’s probably stacks of notes from exams you’ve already sat, a million and one pistachio shells and a general detritus of post-it-notes, dried up highlighters, Weetabix crumbs and dirty mugs. Take a few moments to clear everything away, open a window to get some fresh air in and find your zen. For more tips on creating the perfect study space, check out this awesome guide from Tutora.

2. Address that stress

How to get through the last weeks of uni - yoga

It’s not surprising that you’re feeling stressed right now, especially if you’re in your final year, but you don’t have to simply ignore your feelings. Finding healthy ways to acknowledge and cope with stress will help you to get through these last few weeks and do your absolute best in your exams. Check out our Mental Health Tips for Students, as well as Tutora’s guide to Dealing with Exam Stress

3. Go for healthy snacks

How to get through the last weeks of uni - healthy snacks

Whilst it’s tempting to bury your nose in a family-sized bag of cheese puffs, your brain needs better food for fuelling you through your essays. Go for healthy fats, avocados, blueberries, oily fish and nuts instead.

4. Phone a friend

How to get through the last weeks of uni - phone a friend

Take a few moments out of your day to speak to someone outside of your little bubble. When you’re revising with friends in the library, other people’s revision styles can actually make you feel terrified rather than supported. Especially that one person who insists on saying "I’m definitely going to fail, I’ve only been revising for the last four and a half months" as some kind of panicked humble-brag. Call your parents, a sibling or someone who’s been through all the stress of university and will be sympathetic.

5. Take a break

How to get through the last weeks of uni - take a break

No, I don’t mean start binge-watching Orange is the New Black at 8am. I mean designate an evening off revision where you can chill without feeling guilty. Plan the whole day - work from 9 until 5, then put all of your work out of sight and cook yourself a nice dinner. Choose a film, get some snacks and spend a blissful evening in your own company - but don’t forget to go to bed at a reasonable time!

You can check out Tutora's guide here: The Ultimate Revision Guide

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So there you have it, all of our amazing tips on how to get through the last weeks of uni. Good luck!

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