It’s coming to the end of term and you’re salivating at the thought of getting that massive deposit back and jetting off to Bali. Wherever you live as a student, getting the illusive dosh back in your account can be tricky business.

Not to worry, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t lose out on that summer spending money.

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Unfortunately, it may already be too late, as the process, to make sure you get your deposit back at the end of the tenancy, starts before you’ve even moved in.

1. Firstly and very importantly, make sure your deposit is registered by your landlord. The TDP (Tenancy Deposit Protection) Scheme is in place for a reason and means you are sure to get your money back if you meet the terms of your tenancy agreement (which you need to read!!), pay your bills and rent and don’t damage the property. Simple enough!

Even so, some landlords are slippery fellas, so here’s some more advice.

2. Grab your nearest mate with a fancy phone and take a photo of every cupboard, crack, crevice and cream carpet as soon as you move in. No number of photos is too many when it comes to making sure the landlord can’t claim it was you who squirted that Dijon mustard up the wall.

  1. If your landlord seems particularly slimey, send these pictures over to them now, just so they have a record of the state the house was in when you carried your bestie over the threshold.

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3. In relation to this, make sure you have an inventory. Count every thread on every carpet and every spider in every cupboard. Also make sure you get a hold of it before moving in, to check they haven’t added ‘10 Man Super Posh Hot-tub worth £987,600’ in reference to a Wilkos paddling pool.

4. Check your contracts ladies and gents, this isn’t Apple’s T&Cs. If you’re lucky, one of your housemates will have an Estate Agent Daddy or Lawyer Mummy. If not, read through anyway and make sure they’re not demanding you retile the bathrooms and reupholster the sofas, just ‘cus they feel like it.

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5. Don’t try and be sneaky, if you break things, either replace them or tell the landlord. When you break that Ikea mug, it’s going to cost you £2 but if the landlord replaces it, god knows they’ll find a way to charge you £20.

  1. The same goes for if your mattress, door or floor squeaks, the fridge hums, the bathroom lock sticks or ANYTHING, tell the landlord when it happens and hope they fix it, or get someone to fix it privately, so they don’t throw a £400 charge on for something easy to fix.

6. Pay bills. We all know it can be painful to part with that £60 gas bill, after all, what is gas even for? Nonetheless, pay up or your landlord can withhold your deposit. Nightmare.


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7. Moving out day should see you all transform into the cast of 60 Minute Makeover. Everyone in Marigolds, on their hands and knees, scrubbing under the welcome matt. It will pay off when you’re not charged £46 for the back of the mirror being dusty.


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8. Lock up the house when you move out. Not applicable if your landlord is personally there to nab the keys from your palm. However, if you’re all leaving on the same day and dropping the keys back then make sure the last one out actually locks the door. Landlords don’t love getting burgled.

9. Finally, remember, as a tenant you are entitled to your deposit, it’s your money! So, if it seems unfair, check up on your tenant rights and see if you’re being duped.

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These tips and tricks should help you get that wonga back. Good luck!

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