Getting that awful neck pain from cowering over your books day and night? Here are some ideas on how to make your studying experience a more endurable one.
  • Lumbar Support Cushion

These beauties have the ability to stop your back from aching by adding extra support to your spine and neck. It will improve your posture and allow you to work for longer. You might still get that wriggly frustrated feeling because you can't get up and move, but all-in-all it will have a huge impact on the length of your study sessions.

  • LED Book Light

If you have had a long day studying but still feel like you need to catch up on some reading, these lights are a great gadget to purchase. All you have to do is clip them on to your book and they hover directly over the words. It basically means that you can lie in the comfort of your own bed and switch it off with ease instead of having to jump out of bed in to the cold to switch the light off and then try to reattempt to get comfortable again.  

  • Computer Armrest

The title says it all, this gadget gives your arm a rest. It moves with you and gives you the illusion of being bionic - how fun! Why stick your arm on a cold, hard table when you can pop it in to one of these? 

  • Vibrating Neck Massager

While it may look strangely like an elephants trunk, do not fool yourself in to believing that this is anything but genius. It basically hugs you and gives you a massage! Just imagine sitting there in your university library and your neck starts hurting... then you whap this out and stick it on! You may get some funny looks but believe me, it will be so worth it.

  • Download Noisli

This app claims that it has the ability to boost productivity and improve focus through its timed noise settings. You can sit at a desk but feel like you are sat in the rainforest enabling you to zone out from your surroundings, shut off distractions and absorb information faster. 

  • Book Stand

This stops your neck from aching and also reduces the risk of you losing the page you are on. The convenient set-up will help you to create a clean and organised work space making you concentrate better. 


  • The Mighty Flask

This eliminates the fear of spilling your favourite beverage all over your pages. It has a topple-proof structure and also traps the heat in allowing your beans or leaves to last that little bit longer.


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