After having the comfort and security of being at home for Christmas, it is time to go back to a house that some of you may not quite feel at home in yet. Well, here are a few simple, cheap tips on how to make your student house more homely...


Get yourself a ‘Welcome’ mat to avoid people’s killer muddy shoe marks getting all over your carpet. They are no fun to try and remove before your landlord comes in at the end of your tenancy, hunting for anything that they could possibly rip you off for. The mat basically tells guests what you don’t want to say out loud - ‘come on in friends’ but also ‘you better respect my pad pals’. If you are pretty loaded with a hefty student loan, why not go all out and get a shoe rack? That’s one less load to attempt to cram into your room and you can find them for pretty reasonable prices.


Get a bath mat, a bathroom accessory set and maybe a rubber duck if you are feeling lonely (/bored)... 

These items will stop any awkward 'slipping and head-butting the toilet seat making you cry for your Mummy' incidents and will also apply some organisation to your bathroom, making it look lived in and tidy. A toilet floor mat will also stop any drunken misinterpreted aims from spreading, nobody wants to stand in wee, a good purchase if you have a lot of male housemates/guests. If you want to relax a bit then I also suggest that you grab yourself some scented candles and bubbles! That’s if you have a bath… If you only have a shower, get yourself a portable shower radio and sing along to some tunes or have a little, private cry to Adele. Febreze is also an all important essential and a toilet reading book so that you can relax and feel comfortable doing your business.


Tablecloth, storage set and a vase with fake flowers or a house plant. Keep it cheap, cheerful and inviting - don't get one like this.

This gives the impression that you are a model host because it creates a nice atmosphere for people to hang out in and the flowers/plants add a fresh vibe! Hopefully your landlord would have supplied you with some electronic products such as a kettle and a toaster, but if not these items will help to fill out the room and extra surface area. It will also mean that when you sleep through your alarms by accident before a lecture, you can make toast and tea to go in less than five minutes instead of trying to grill a piece of bread in twenty.


Introducing the all important rug! It fills a HUGE amount of space, adds a bit of personality to the room and also makes your feet less cold which is always an advantage when trying to avoid the expense of turning the heating on.

For this exact purpose, blankets are also an absolute must! It enables you to feel warm, comfy and relaxed on the sofa - all very important things when you are winding down after a heavy revision session or nursing a hangover. Pictures are also an essential. While most landlords restrict this as they do not wish to get blue-tack stains or holes in their walls, you can always have a canvas or two balancing off the fireplace or the radiator.


Pillows, a tidy wash basket and a bedside lamp. Not only will these items make life far easier for you, it will also mean that you won't have a huge mountain of dirty clothes on your bedroom floor to wade through after those epic drunken nights with lots of comfy spots to place your precious head. For surfaces, get patterned paper and cut it to the size of the space you wish to fill as this adds a bit more of a personal touch. Likewise, get some frames and fill them with pictures of sketches, album covers or family members and friends. This will make the room feel more familiar to you. You could even get yourself a cardboard cat to sit on your desk and keep you company.


Lights are always a good one for this! Left-over Christmas lights are easy to get hold of and have a welcoming warmth to them. Bunting is also a fantastic idea, particularly winding down the hand-rail/banister for the stairs.


Even if you are not a smoker, it is good to have an ashtray outside if you have guests over as this restricts them from dumping them on the floor, or worse… in a plant pot! This is not fun to clean up so providing them with this is a good idea. An outside bin is a great idea, nobody wants to see the contents of your rubbish bags - put them away! Before the foxes, woodlouse and maggots get them. Ewwy spennewy!

Just a heads up, all of the text highlighted in pink is clickable, they will guide you to a fair deal on the aforementioned items. Please feel free to have a bit of an explore and write some feedback if you wish to recommend better deals. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and we would love to hear what you think on Twitter: @studenthutuk

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