A question many students ask is how could you make your working style benefit you? Juggling work can be tough so here are some pointers.

Find out how you can make your working style benefit you...


Everybody has a different style of working and that is okay. You shouldn't criticise or envy your peers, you should learn to respect each other and understand that it is good to be different. Uni is all about compromise, but also remember that it’s only a small fraction of your life on the grand scale of things, so you must make the most of it. Sometimes, this means putting some of your interests lower down on your priority list but just make sure you are getting a healthy balance of everything. Don't feel bad because you cannot commit to things like you used to be able to, at the end of the day you pay a lot of money to be at university! But make sure you have fun while you are there too! 


 Working Style Benefit You

  • Some people need the adrenaline rush to motivate them to work and focus. This can be a great strength as it demonstrates that you cope well under pressure and will thoroughly enjoy working within a fast-paced environment in the future.
  • If you are leaving things until later, are finding it hard and actually dislike the stress, then maybe you should consider if this is actually the right degree/module for you? You may put it off because: 

working style benefit you

  1. You lack an interest in it
  2. You find the topic too difficult. 

If this is the case then you should discuss things with your lecturers or career advisors and get there feedback or guidance. 

  • Most people have done it at least once but it is important to understand that if working at this pace is not compatible with your personality then what you create is nowhere near representative of your real capabilities. Don't beat yourself up, what is done is done but try to learn from your mistakes! Start earlier next time.


  • It is amazing that you are so on top of things and have learnt how to manage your time. This is a great skill to have when immersed in to the working world.

working style benefit you

  • While it is great that you are so passionate and hard-working, you need to cut yourself some slack sometimes and allow yourself time to have a break. You do not want to burn yourself out as this means that you won't be able to absorb and learn information as easily.
  • You cannot be in control all of the time, sometimes teachers like to throw in a last minute seminar assignment etcetera. Make sure that you have coping mechanisms and time to fall back on in place if anything does decide to spring itself on you. Try not to spread yourself too thinly with commitments elsewhere and try to learn to get on with it instead of panicking (running or boxing is a great way to relieve anxiety).
  • If you are finding it really hard to handle any stress thrown your way then click here to read more.


  • This shows that you have a good balance when juggling work and that is a great quality to have for your future in work and also in life.

working style benefit you

  • Even though you have a relatively enviable work ethic, it is natural to always want to strive for more. Therefore, in order to be more organised why don't you:
  1. Research early, get the quotes and the references ready so that all you have to do is piece the essay together. 
  2. Find a change of scenery if you are finding it difficult to concentrate so that you have less distractions.
  3. Break it down and set yourself a word target for every day instead of tackling it as an intimidating whole. 


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