Find out how cashback can save you hundreds of pounds this year!


At Student Hut, we are always looking for ways to save you cash. So, we’ve complied the ultimate guide to cashback which will save you hundreds of pounds throughout the uni year.

What is cashback? Cashback is where customers can earn cash rebates on purchases they make online. There are a number of websites that offer cashback deals.

How does this work? Well, a company (e.g. Amazon) will pay a cashback website, like Quidco, for each customer they refer to them. The cashback website will pass on a healthy chunk of this commission to you as an incentive to shop! It’s that simple.

Should you trust it? Absolutely. Myself and the team here at Student Hut have been using them for years and saved ourselves a fair amount of cash.

OK, so now you know how it works, he's our guide to the essential things to buy with cashback this Freshers'.


To encourage you to sign up, cashback websites sometimes offer introductory deals of 100% of your spend back for every day essentials like pizza takeaways, Amazon DVDs, Whey Protein or something else when you first sign up. It's always worth taking advantage of these intro deals; it won't cost you anything and you can get some great stuff, completely free! We often have the latest introductory deal on our offers page, so it's checking their


You’ll be surprised about the range of big names, online and famous on the high street, that you can claim cashback on. Here are our top brands all students should be using cashback for…


Domino’sJust EatHungry House… whatever your takeaway weapon of choice, you’ll be able to get money back on your order. What’s more, you can sometimes stack offers and vouchercodes if they are on the cashback website, meaning money off your order as well as the cashback! 


Get 10% cashback at ASOS from Quidco… need I say more!!

It doesn’t really matter which favourite fashion retailers you favour, you’ll be able to find a great cashback deals, from designer labels to high street classics.


You’re students, so heading into town to do a big shop is likely to be too much effort. Why not stay in your pjs and order online. The average student spends around £25 per week on food, so with with the 10% off – free delivery on orders £25 or more at Iceland you’ll be getting paid to have someone shop for you, without even without leaving your bed.


The great thing about moving to a new town is often a whole host of new live music venues to try. Make the most of a change of (music) scene with cashback from Ticketmaster  - on anything from theatre tickets to festivals.


Why are train tickets are so fricking expensive?! Our top tip for saving money is to use to book. PLUS, use Quidco to claim cashback on your tickets as well. It’s a win-win!


Mobile networks offer some incredible cashback incentives, especially if you’re going for a pay monthly deal. Right now, you can get up to £130 back on a pay monthly contract from Vodafone.



You can download a browser widget, which pops up when you visit a website you can claim cashback on. This means you don’t even have to remember to visit Quidco each time you want to make an online purchase, unless you just want to browse the thousands of websites you can get cashback on. 


What a great surprise it will be when, at the end of the uni year, you’ve got a lump sum to cash out ready for the summer. You can cash out whenever you like of course, but there’s nothing like the feeling to be able to treat yourself after you’ve earned £100+ in cashback. The average regular Quidco customer earns £261 of cashback each year.

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