Not sure why your flatmate drinks 14 mugs of tea a day and talks constantly about scran? They might just be a Northerner. Here are some of the ways you can tell if someone belongs to that glorious land of Northern England.

At first, they’re harder to understand than any international student

If someone says to you ‘Howay man, let wa gan doon the Toon for some canny scran, like’ you should just say yes.

geordie shore northern

They eat all their meals with gravy

chips and gravy

They’re basically always up for drinking

northern regular drinking

And when they drink, they drink A LOT

Being raised on a diet of good beer and cheap trebles will do that to you.

drunk northern dogs

They have tea brewing down to a scientific method

And any way other than their way is wrong.

no tears just tea

Oh yeah, make sure you don’t bring up whether tea is a meal or a drink

tea and pot

Or whether this is a roll or a bap

Or a cob. Or a barm. Or a batch.

bread roll bap cob barm

Or how to pronounce ‘bath’ and ‘grass’

Just leave it alone, honestly.

it's grass not grarse

They will have an attachment to Greggs that borders on the obsessive

Northern Greggs pasties

They will always call you mate, regardless of how much they actually like you

obama alright mate

They’re permanently talking about how cheap beer is back home

They will form an instant connection with anyone who lives north of ‘the line’

community group hug gif

But will bicker endlessly about where ‘the line’ actually is

Apparently it's here?

north south divide

They’re probably beautiful

Why do you think all the Starks in Game of Thrones are so handsome? It’s no coincidence.

Robb stark Northerner

They might express some controversial opinions if you’re from the South

archer treathens pam

But once you get to know them they’ll be the friendliest students you meet

friendly lion hugs man

And they will never, ever wear a coat on a night out

northern cold night out

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