Forget about shared bathrooms and beans on toast, these are the country's most decadent halls.

For most people, university accommodation is a rite of passage. You spend a few years living with terrible wifi and flatmates that can’t operate an oven on the understanding that you’ll come out of it a better person and with plenty of anecdotes to tell. Besides, you tell yourself, this will make your first real flat seem way nicer in comparison. However this isn’t the case for every student. In recent years there’s been an extraordinary boom in the number of luxury residences for students, many of them built with the lucrative overseas student market in mind. So come with Student Hut and take a look inside Britain’s most glamorous halls. If you like what you see, you're going to have to start saving those pennies.



Vita Student

With blocks in eight university cities across the country, Vita Student is one of the most high-profile providers of luxury student accommodation. With gym access, 250 MB wifi and smart TVs as standard, it’s safe to say these facilities are a little more impressive than your average 60s halls block that’s held together with hope and asbestos. The company's website places a major emphasis on the great social opportunities presented by living in such a sophisticated environment, citing the lively environment and cool social spaces as a guarantee of a good time. We hope they'll forgive us if we're not entirely convinced.

Nice room with TV in Vita Student block

Stay Club

Located in the heart of Camden, the Regent’s Park Stay Club offers all the features that literally no-one expects from their university life. Residents can look forward to private kitchenettes, double beds and rain effect showers (that’s one of those square shower head things by the way). The price tag is set at an eye-watering £301pw - that doesn’t even include the pound coins you need for the laundrette. Still, that cost is a handy excuse to never have to go out or live off anything other than beans on toast.

luxury student accommodation in the Stay Club

Picturehouse Apartments

The upmarket choice for Exeter students, the images for these rooms makes them look more like a trendy hotel than typical student digs. Encouragingly, below said images disclaimer states ‘images of the accommodation including the interior furnishing are provided for illustrative purposes only and the actual accommodation and finish you receive may differ from the image displayed on our website.’ Prices start at £119 a week which is actually not that outrageous, given some of the other entries on this list.

luxury exeter accomodation picturehouse 

Nido West Hampstead

Security. Sanctuary. An online shop to buy your bedding from so you don’t have to lug a duvet around on the tube. These are just a few of the comforts that await you in the Nido Collection’s West Hampstead offering. While the website reads like a cross between an IKEA catalogue and a university prospectus, it’s hard not to grudgingly covet a lot of what’s on display here. Case in point: the courtyard features a life size chess board. We’re not entirely sure how they prevent students from carrying the pieces off to their rooms mind.  Also they offer regular professional cookery events in people’s flats. Just look at this stuff!

students cooking in Nido West Hampstead

iQ Bloomsbury

The cheapest room in this central London development costs a hefty £16,779 for the year. That’s £6,000 more than more than the maximum student loan allowance in London and enough to rent a four bedroom detached house in Manchester for the same length of time. But who would want to live in luxury in a vibrant, friendly Northern city when you could enjoy a slightly-above-average room in London’s zone 1? Surely you’re getting your money’s worth when iQ offer such treats as underbed storage, a full length mirror and a chalkboard wall? Plus, with a 4ft double bed (literally the smallest double bed money can buy), you’ve almost got space to stretch out and enjoy it.

green coloured room in iq bloomsbury

Paris Gardens

Also located in the heart of Zone 1, this time on the historic Southbank, Paris Gardens has drawn press attention as one of the most prominent luxury student blocks in the country. The most eye-catching offer is the penthouse 1-bed flat, a 28x32m² 10th floor condo with views of the Shard and the London Eye. As well as your own private kitchen and bathroom, the lucky tenant can enjoy a lounge replete with coffee table, TV and sofa. You probably don’t want to see how much this one costs, it might make you despair a bit...

paris gardens luxury rooms

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