With the long hours spent studying and partying, it's easy to neglect physical activities. Here's our guide to fitting exercise in around your schedule.

Staying fit at uni doesn’t need to be a chore. And it doesn’t mean you have to spend a load either. Busting out hours in the gym can be left to the meat heads…. Unless you’re into that in which case you’re probably sorted. If the thought of sweating your arse off in a small room with a load of other students makes you feel sick then it’s best to leave it until you’re flat on your back after a night out.

Let’s be realistic here, a lot of the time you are at uni you're either drunk or hungover so your motivation is going to be low. You have to train yourself to really understand that your WILL feel better during and after doing some exercise. You’re energy levels will be higher, your chat will be better and you will not need to drink as much to get wasted, thus saving a little on the hangover as well.

Let’s start simply – just get off your arse and go for a walk. Sounds basic…. and to be fair a little boring? So take a mate, or your headphones, blast out some tunes and try to create enough adrenalin to get you jogging a bit. Ahhhh clever, see what happened there. You’ve just turned a boring walk into interval sessions. Soon you build up to longer jog sections with short walk recoveries. And soon you will just be going for a run. Don’t freak your body out. There’s no need to think “right I need to get fit so I’m going for a sprint”. This will fail. You will get heart palpitations and get put off for life. Start slowly, like really slowly and build up and within weeks you’ll be running easily. Here’s another free and easy one. Get a group of mates together, go to a park and have a kick/throw/play around. You do this in the summer so why not in the winter. Sure it’s cold outside but with a bit of activity you soon warm up. And it’s fun. Buy a Frisbee, everyone can get involved and the more special ones can be the collectors when it goes awol. Perhaps assign that task to the lazy one of the group as this role will require the most amount of running. Rounder’s is another easy one, use a couple of jumpers as bases and treat yourself to a bat and ball. A bit of a competitive edge always help drive motivation.

There are in fact loads of things you can do to get fit. Universities as buzzing with sports clubs, classes, facilities and coaches just dying to kick you into shape. Find some tennis courts and have knock around. Book into a class – circuits are fun and seriously good for you (although don’t be put off when after your first class you can’t even lift a pencil without your muscles burning), or join a club. The university teams and leagues are not the only ones available; there are loads of social clubs as well always welcoming newcomers.

So there you have it. Christmas is done, you’ve got pounds of fat nestled cosily on your arse and belly but you can shake it off in no time. What are you waiting for – GET OUT THE HOUSE LAZY!

OR you could always just chuck on some Speedos and throw some serious shapes like this guy...

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