Thinking about how to spend your summer? Milkround have got a few useful suggestions!

Despite the currently atrocious weather, summer is officially upon us and with it comes an opportunity to use this free time to make sure you are doing all you can to break into that dream career. Here is what we at Milkround recommend that all students do over the summer holidays...


This one is just as important as the rest. The fact of the matter is that once you have graduated and begun your career, you will most likely not have much free time in the summer. Therefore it is important to take some time to actually relax and bask in the (if you’re lucky) sunshine - you might regret not having done this once you are spending long summer days in an office.

Work on your CV

At the same time, this is no time to be lazy. Make sure to update your CV with anything new that has cropped up during your studies, perhaps you have completed a large research project or picked up a part-time job. You should also take a quick look at all of your social media profiles and ensure they are appropriate to be seen by any potential employers.

Learn new skills

This is the perfect time to learn something you have always wanted to know. There are more free and easily accessible learning resources available than ever before, and these summer months offer plenty of time to begin to learn a new language, instrument, or perhaps the basics of coding. Not only are you developing significantly as a person - you will have a new talking point to add to your CV.


Yes, yes - you have heard this one before. Even so, it can never be said too many times. Volunteering looks absolutely fantastic on your CV and allows you to learn plenty of soft skills you will find useful throughout your entire career. For example, a few hours a week spent behind the till at a charity shop means keen interpersonal skills, customer service skills, and numerical skills. Nothing to scoff at when the time comes to begin your ‘real’ career!

Optimise your health

Students are not exactly famous for their healthy life choices, however the summer months are an excellent chance to change that. If you do not have the budget for a gym membership, look up exercise videos on YouTube and begin with things like yoga or body weight training at home or in your garden. All it takes to start running is a decent pair of shoes as well. When your body feels fantastic, so do you.

Most important of all is that you enjoy your summer. Do your best to get all your ducks in line career-wise, build your life skills, and try to get some work experience - but also make sure to go swimming, explore your surroundings, take that holiday, and squeeze all the greatness you can from the summer months.

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