LinkedIn is an amazing tool that can help you get the perfect job. It’s important to get your profile looking good and it can be a little harder than it sounds. But don’t worry! Our quick guide can help you create a profile that does a lot of the work for you.

How can you make a good profile?

Call Me, Maybe?

Make sure contact details are correct and in the right sections so it’s easy for employers to message you. If an employer can’t reach you you’ll be missing out on the perfect opportunity!

Clarity Is Key

Make it clear what year of uni you are completing. This makes it easier for an employer to work out if you’re suitable for the role they have in mind.

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Let Your Personality Shine

Make your personality come across in your descriptions in the ‘Experience’ and ‘Education’ sections. But nothing too cheesy or cliche please!

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Spell Check

C’mon people. It’s very off putting to spel evreythign rong

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“Tell Us Something About Yourself.”

Don’t leave the description of who you are and your interests blank! Make it easy for employers to read what your interests are and what sectors you are aiming to work in. This is the perfect place to elaborate far more than in a ‘career objective’ section on a CV.

It’s A Date

Make sure all dates are correct and truthful. Don’t exaggerate the time you spent working at a place, in the same way you shouldn’t lie in a CV.

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Where do you ‘picture’ yourself in 5 years time

Make sure your profile picture is professional and your cover photo is different to the standard picture. Don’t put in a holiday selfie or a picture of you on a night out. Keep it simple, keep it professional. Look smart, look sharp and it will make you look good.

Virtual First Impressions Count Too!

Check your messages. If your profile is successful...look at your messages. Some employers may email you so you might want to check your emails too. If you’re lazy about a simple thing such as checking emails, you’ll put employers off and might have to beg them for a second chance.

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