Everyone loves a holiday! Take this opportunity to rest up and perfectly prepare for the new term.

It’s important to enjoy yourself during the Christmas Holiday and have a well earned rest, too! But before all the feasting and partying, the Christmas break can offer a great chance to prepare for the New Year and new term! Here’s how...


Plan your time

Drawing up a calendar of your holiday days can be a good way to sketch out what days you should dedicate to revision and what days you should take off to enjoy the Christmas celebration.


Organise your notes

This is the perfect time to organise all your class notes and catch up on any homework that you have been given. You can make revision notes, flash cards, spider diagrams or anything else that will help you condense your notes for easier revision! 


Stick to your revision timetable

Having a plan is a good way to organise each day. It is important to break up your revision because everyone learns in different ways so ensure you tailor your revision to how you learn best.


Practise, practise, practise

Having a practise at mock papers or previous papers (that can be found on the exam board websites) in the same time as the real exam is a good way to get used to writing exams. If you want to take it a step further, try your best to write these practise papers in silence as you won’t be able to listen to your music during the real exam!


Make sure you rest!

Christmas is about being with family and friends and having a jolly celebration. Make sure you take days off to rest because everyone needs to relax in their time off! Revising can be hard but you will achieve a lot more if you’re not exhausted!

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