There are just so many awkward moments!!

It’s that time of year again. The time when our TV screens are plastered with the faces of MPs, our letterboxes full to the brim with manifestos and countless eager campaigners are breaking down our doors in the hope of swinging your vote in their favour. However, the polished speeches delivered by the candidates hide something strange: they are just as embarrassing as the rest of us (or more so *cough* Ed Miliband). Here is a collection of embarrassing moments from our MPs that will make you see them in an entirely different light (i.e. an REALLY awkward one).

Nick Clegg

Before the General Election in 2010, the county was swept up in a sort of Clegg Fever (meaning we hated him a bit less than the others). Now, after a 5 year coalition that can only be described as haphazard, we can see Clegg trying, and failing, to claw his way back into the esteem of the population. A perfect example of these desperate attempts was Clegg’s ‘I’m Sorry’ speech in 2012. Although this speech is pretty cringe worthy to even the most dedicated Lib-Dem supporter, it is the later remix which takes his apology to the next level. Despite the video making Clegg look like a bit of a prat, Clegg authorised its chart release, with all the proceeds going to a charity in his constituency. 

The Nick Clegg Apology Song: I'm Sorry (The Autotune Remix) - The Poke 

More recently, the Lib Dem’s have set out to sway the youth vote in their direction by getting ‘down with the kids’. The party have produced a video which remixes a speech given by Clegg to the sound of Bruno Mars’ number one single ‘Uptown Funk’. Possibly the most tragic thing about this video is Clegg’s awkward attempt to mimic Mars’ swagger with a clumsy high-five. The video is possibly the least persuasive piece of propaganda ever produced. Well done Lib Dems.....

Uptown Funk: Liberal Democrats (unofficial) Election Anthem – Liberal Democrats 

David Cameron

After Cameron’s many failed attempts to up his street-cred, (he has admitted he doesn’t even like The Arctic Monkeys), his latest effort has been to hang onto the coat tails of the leader of the free world and all round cool guy, Barak Obama. In an effort to imply that they are friends and equals, Cameron has admitted that President Obama sometimes calls him ‘bro’. Although Obama is one of the few over thirty that can pull off calling someone bro, it, by comparison, our PM is possibly the man least fitting of the term. In an embarrassing encounter at the NATO summit last year, officials were quick to shake Obama’s hand, leaving Cameron out in the cold. Are we always destined to have such awkward Prime Ministers? If this election is anything to go by, it’s very likely. 

UK: Obama arrives at NATO summit with Cameron in tow - RuptlyTV 

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband – leader of the labour party and the most awkward man on earth. In his time as an MP, Ed has provided the nation with a plethora of cringe worthy moments that overshadow many of his other candidates. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you will most likely have seen the pictures of Miliband tucking into a bacon sandwich. What could be more innocent than that, I hear you say? Well, this PR opportunity backfired on the Labour party as Miliband made us squirm with every bite. In this compilation video, The Telegraph have squeezed only some of Miliband’s most awkward moments into one minute and forty seven seconds of painfully awkward viewing.

The awkward history of Ed Miliband – The Telegraph

If you fancy some more awkwardness from Ed, why not follow Odd Miliband (@Odd_Miliband) on Twitter for all the embarrassing updates on the coming election. 

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