One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR... What better way to celebrate National Tequila Day than with some damn delicious cocktails?!


With National Tequila Day finally arriving on the 24th of July, there’s no better excuse to get a couple of bottles in and make a few of these delicious cocktails...

Cocktail kitchen essentials:

  • Shot glasses (for measuring the spirits, although there’s no shame in doing a couple of shots along the way)

  • A bag of ice

  • 2 x bottles of fresh lime juice (or loads of limes)

1. Classic Margarita

First up, we’ve got a Classic Margarita. The original recipe calls for agave syrup, but this can be substituted for honey or maple syrup. If you’re really stuck, just replace it with simple syrup (sugar and water).

Fill a glass with ice after lining the rim of it with salt. Combine two shots of golden tequila, two shots of fresh lime juice (I’ve found this is readily available in a bottle in Co-op and saves you squeezing a shed-load of limes) and one tablespoon of a syrup of your choice. Garnish with a slice of lime. If this is too strong (these recipes often are) then top off with soda water. Stir gently.

Find a recipe here.

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2. Tequila Lime Spritzer

This recipe is largely the same as the margarita, but with white tequila instead. Start off by lining the rim with sugar this time and fill the glass with ice. Pour two shots of white tequila into the glass and top it off with lemon and lime soda. Alternatively, lemonade is a good substitute and easier to get if you aren't going to a large supermarket. Add some soda water and if you want more sweetness, add more lemonade and vice versa. Stir gently.

Find a recipe here.

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3. Mexican Mule

Ginger beer is completely underrated and goes really well with tequila in this drink. Fill the glass with ice and add two shots of golden tequila. Add one shot of fresh lime juice and simple syrup to taste. Top the rest off with ginger beer and stir lightly.

Find a simple recipe here.

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4. Paloma

The Paloma may be an acquired taste due to the grapefruit juice but give it a go and you might be surprised. If you can’t find actual grapefruit juice, try Lilt or Ting instead. Rim the glass with salt and fill it with ice before adding two shots of white tequila. Add a shot of lime juice and add the Ting or Lilt if you’re using it. If you’re using fresh juice, add around six shots of this and top the rest off with soda water. Stir the drink gently.

Find a recipe here.

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5. Cinco Herradura

This one’s not as strong as the previous cocktails and is probably one for those with a sweet-tooth. Add two shots of white tequila, four shots of cranberry juice, four shots of pineapple juice, a shot of lime juice and a shot of lemonade to a glass filled with ice. Stir this all together.

Find a recipe here.

6. Horny Bull – screwdriver but with tequila

This is a screwdriver but with tequila instead of vodka. Can’t get much simpler than that. Pour two shots of tequila of your choice into an ice-filled glass and add fresh orange juice to taste.

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7. Salty Chihuahua

For this cocktail, you need to rim the glass with salt (as suggested by the name) and fill it with ice. All you need is two shots of white tequila and a shot of lime juice. Top this off with lemonade.

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8. Tequila Sunrise

Another sweet one here: again, fill the glass with ice and add two shots of golden tequila. Add a shot of grenadine and top it off with orange juice. You can find grenadine in places like M&S, but if you’re struggling to find it, try replacing the OJ and Grenadine with pineapple juice for a tropical twist.

9. Tequila Soda

You’ve got to really like the taste of tequila for this one so be prepared, but it is extremely low in calories. Add two shots of white tequila to a glass filled with ice and then a shot of lime juice or lime cordial. Lime cordial will make the lime taste stronger. Then top it off with soda water to taste.

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10. Classic tequila shot

You know the drill: a shot of tequila, fresh lime and salt. Perfect for the lazy ones reading this. I’m not judging.

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