You've got 24 hours lad! Nek Nominations have been around for months at Universities, but things have escalated as it's swept across the country more recently. Has this game gone too far?

The latest drinking craze Nek Nominations has swept through UK Universities in the last few months. Popularised down under, it involves filming yourself drinking a pint at great speed and then nominating a friend to do the same. The next person does one and nominates someone else, therefore keeping the game going. As students I’m sure you already knew that! Heck, you’ve probably been nominated yourself.

Many have jumped on the band-wagon and thought up funny and original ways to fulfill their ‘obligation’ to neck their drink. Whether it is raving in Asda while drinking a pint or imitating superman, not just students are joining in this banterous fun. Your Facebook newsfeed probably has been full with one Nek Nomination after the other. This ‘harmless fun’ is viewed as silly and daft by many but a laugh at the same time.

Above: A bit odd, very silly, but light-hearted and creative

Unfortunately, young people did not just compete on how funny or original their video could be, and this is where jokey fun turned into something much more serious. A pint of beer or cider, was replaced by concoctions including dangerous amounts of alcohol and even substances which should never be consumed. Whether it was absinthe, whole bottles of spirits, goldfish or tanning lotion, anything and everything was going into some peoples’ Nek Nominations. What was meant to be funny, has begun to shock people as they wondered how someone could be so stupid to endanger themselves for something so trivial.

This is not a new concept but as it swept through Britain and Ireland, the game was taken to new levels of extremity. Quite frankly this led to the inevitable happening, as two young Irish men lost their lives as a result of their Nek Nomination. One from alcohol poisoning and the other from drowning after jumping off a bridge. These sad events are a sobering thought for all those participating in these games. Both men made individual choices to consume the quantity of alcohol they did and they are responsible for those choices. However, without the game and the peer pressure felt by participating in it, these tragic events may never have occurred.

Competitive drinking happens at University and there is no reason it should be stopped. Drinking games are a great way to socialise, loosen inhibitions and have fun. However, the individual should always be in control and know their limits. Peer pressure can be a difficult thing to manage, especially when you are a fresher or in a big sports team.

So, if you are going to do Nek Nominations or be part of any other drinking games, keep them fun and light-hearted. If you really don’t fancy doing it, have the strength of mind to say no. 

Or you could just do something as awesome as this guy...

Above: This has been said a lot, but this is definitely the best Nek Nomination around!


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