Which tache are you going for this Movember?!

November is just around the corner, which means it’s about to get very cold especially in your student houses! However, it also means that you lads should be gearing up to grow your moustaches for what has swiftly become the annual tradition of Movember. Whether you are doing for charity, to raise awareness for men’s health issues or because you secretly think you look good with a tache it is a great excuse to put your abilities in growing facial hair to the test.

Back in the day, rockstars and sportsmen had them, so did our dads and granddads. However moustaches, as the height of men's fashion, seem to be a thing of the past. So unless you are amongst the hipsters in Shoreditch, this may be your only annual opportunity to roll back the years and fashion a killer tache.

What’s more, because you’re at university you can get away with pretty much any fashion or hair related disaster. You have no interviews, important business meetings or anything that may hold back your moustache growing tendencies around the corner. Plus, with the knowledge that some students wear onesies to lectures you won’t even be the biggest mug on campus if your tache goes horribly wrong.

Here’s the top tips:

Think about a head start

For many students, it takes a month to grow a little bit of bum-fluff under the chin. If this is you, I would start on your tache in October. Some might think that’s cheating but at least you will have some sort of mo come November.

Grooming is key

If you’re going to do it, you may as well keep it in check. Sure, you may not have anything that important to go to in November, but you still want to look vaguely respectable. And definitely don't want to give the impression you could store food crumbs in it... Maybe give it a combe now and then and trim the edges when it gets out of hand.

Go for a Trucker

The trucker is extra manly. For those of you who are not experts, the trucker involves growing the sides of your tache down around your mouth, in the shape of a horseshoe. You will look and feel a bit stupid, but secretly people will be jealous. We all laughed in the Ashes when we saw Mitchell Johnson sporting an outrageous tache. And look what happened, he took lots of wickets and we lost the series 5-0. I’m not sure this can all be attributed to his trucker moustache, but he was s**t before he got it…

Don’t get carried away

There is a reason we only do this for one month a year. Most people don’t look good with just the mo, so don’t start getting too attached. The moment you start thinking about getting some wax to twizzle up the end, is the time to get a new razor!


Be careful when drinking beer or soup

Avoid Guinness at all cost. It’s not sexy or cool to have froth or soup in your tache. In the good old days, when everyone was sporting a tache, there were products you could buy to protect your upper lip hair from these occurrences. Could be worth considering…

Have a House/Flat/Football team Competition

This is especially good if you are trying to raise money for charity. Get a few of you together and see who can grow the best mo. If you are raising money for charity it's much easier if a few of you are doing it together. Just a warning to all the fair and ginger haired students out there, you will lose at this!

Romania's idea of team bonding at France '98!


You may be very proud of your Movember efforts but that doesn't mean everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram needs to see a daily selfie of your sub-par facial hair. The odd update is fine but we don't need a string of posed 'tache-shots'. They are not flattering and, no matter how good you think you look, they should never be on your Tinder profile...

#tache #selfie #hatersgonnahate - Just no.

Good luck to everyone taking part in Movember next month. If you are keen to raised some money for charity at the same time, get all the information at the Movember Foundation website.


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