A selection of the best and funniest #ResultsDayExcuses, hand-picked for you!

It's that time of year again! The last five years have been building up to one sheet of paper for thousands of GCSE students.

The day before results day is always going to be filled with nerves for students waiting to find out if all of their hours (or minutes, no judgement) of revision have been enough to make the struggles of school all worth it. Of course, the bonus of this whole situation is the hilarious GCSE #ResultsDayExcuses spreading across Twitter! 

We've gone through and picked out some of our favourite tweets of the past few days, enjoy!




2. I'm  just trying to follow in his footsteps

3. let's not start throwing the blame around here

4. Don't be so shallow, mum

5. priorities

6. This is clearly the only error i've made 

7. so really it's their fault...

8. At least she's planning ahead

9. Yeah, something like that

10. "What i really got was 2 excellents and a fantastic!"

11. It's all about the confidence

12. How can anybody be expected to concentrate in those conditions?

13. Let's all just focus on what's really important

14. I'm clearly meant for the wizarding world

15. The past is in the past

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All jokes aside, good luck to everybody getting their results tomorrow! 


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