If you’ve yet to be introduced to the delights of Riverdale, the bonkers mystery/teen melodrama adored by Tumblr, there are two whole seasons to catch up with on Netflix before it returns in October. Follow our handy drinking game and the plot will make far more sense!


  •  Take a shot every time Archie is a complete idiot

How thick do you have to be to not realise that Hiram Lodge is evil?

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  • Take a sip when someone makes an obscure pop culture reference to be cool

A reference that no one under the age of 20 would actually understand.

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  • Have some tequila when Veronica behaves like a sassy Latina

Stereotyping, much?

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  • Down a Shirley Temple when Betty references her “dark side”

57 episodes in and said Dark Side still has yet to appear...

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  • Roll your eyes and take a long gulp when Jughead acts like a pretentious hipster

Then fantasize about knocking his stupid hat off.

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  • Take a shot when Cheryl is a bitch for no reason…

…and then randomly becomes good again. Someone please define this girl’s character arc!


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  • Have a wee tipple when you find the supporting cast far more likeable and interesting than the main characters

We demand more screen time for Kevin Keller!

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  • Have some wine whenever a former teen star pops up as someone’s mum or dad

Well hello, Molly Ringwald!

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  • Chuckle into your pint when a character has a silly name

Just how am I supposed to take villains called Papa Poutine and Penny Peabody seriously?!!

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  • Crack open a beer when a major plot development is introduced and then forgotten about by the next episode

Hey, remember that one time Cheryl was sent to a gay conversion camp? Because the writers didn’t!

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  • Finish your beer when two characters randomly hook up for cheap viewer gratification

Betty and Veronica are not lesbians and queerbaiting is NOT ok.

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Whilst you're nursing your hangover and re-watching every episode, don't forget that no matter how silly this show can get, it’s still exciting, charming and brilliantly played. Bring on series three!

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