Because if there’s anything students do well, it’s turning anything into a drinking game. So, on the 19th May let’s do what we do best: Sit down in front of a TV and drink in honour of the new happy couple!

Disclaimer: If the BBC calls it Breaking News at any point, double EVERYTHING. We knew it was happening, get over it hun.

The Rules:

1. One sip every time Meghan’s dress is discussed.

2. Extra sip if anyone brings up Pippa Middleton’s bum.

3. Two sips if they compare Meghan’s dress to Kate’s. Let the girl live!

4. One sip every time a random person is interviewed and they say something cringey like ‘It’s a dream come true!’, or words like ‘fairy tale’. Two sips if they’re waving/ wearing a union jack.


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5. One sip every time Princess Di is brought up. If there’s a teary face on the screen too, have another sip.

6. Take a sip every time the wedding’s referred to as ‘historical’. We get it, the fancy folks are balling while us students wallow in debt and alcohol.

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7. Whenever Prince Charles or Camilla’s faces are on screen, drink. Drink, drink, drink until their smarmy faces are off the screen.

8. Two sips every time Harry’s military service is brought up. We get it, he’s basically the ginger Disney Prince the world wants and needs.

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9. Drink every time there’s a street party. Because if we can’t be there, we might as well be drowning our sorrow at not being allowed the day off as a public holiday. Keep on drinking ‘til all those happy faces stuffed with cake are off our screens.

10. Knock back a shot every time one of the little Royals throws a temper tantrum. We feel you, kids. It’s boring to watch too.

11. Take a shot every time the Queen looks like she needs a triple voddy and coke. IF QUEENIE IS NOT AMUSED, THEN NEITHER ARE WE.

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