Run your way to fun this year!

Calling all students: Running does not have to be boring and tedious. Do not think back to the dreaded bleep test days and the track competitions in school. No, no, no, NO!... Think new and exciting - your own pace, the fresh air and no pressure. Just you. Zone out, work it off and feel fresh. 

The trick is to make sure that you have an awesome playlist that makes you feel good. The next step is the scenery! If you go somewhere pretty, it makes you feel amazing. For some, the company also contributes towards their experience and for most, atmosphere makes a huge difference. Particularly if you are racing!

Many students are intimidated by races, thinking that all of them are for serious runners when that really is not the case at all. If you are a keen runner or a novice, here are some runs that are different from the norm that should challenge you in an exciting new way (click on the information image to find out more):




Go on, try something new and exciting!

Please comment below or tweet us @studenthutuk if you have any other running ideas! Summer is slowly creeping up on us.

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