So, it's nearly time to go back to uni for your second year. It's yet another new and exciting uni experience, so why not check out our list of stages everyone goes through when they start second year!


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It's so exciting to get back to uni after a long summer of not seeing your uni friends, and to be living in your own house rather than halls! There's so much fun to be had!


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Aww, look at them! All the fresh-faced newbies around campus. You kind of wish you could be a Fresher again...


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And hang on, that was you a year ago. A YEAR. Where on earth did that year go?


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Your grades actually really count towards your degree this year! *hyperventilating*


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Realisation hits. You're actually going to have to make your 9ams regularly from now on. We'll just let that sink in for a moment. We understand this is going to be a tough one to come to terms with...


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That all being said, it’s actually a really nice feeling to be settled, to have lots of friends and to know what to expect when you get back! You're more than ready for second year, bring it on!


So there you have it, the stages everyone goes through when they start their second year at university! 

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