Most students move out to University and have to battle the task of living out for the first time. For a commuter, the problems are very different and can be equally challenging.

Last Minute Train Journey Reading

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Doing last minute reading on the train and/or bus is a common habit and although you think you'll cram lots into the 45 minute journey, you end up reading the same line over and over again.


That’s My Seat!

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Getting mad on the train when a stranger is sitting in your seat. But you know you shouldn’t be mad because they don’t know it’s your seat. You also have no right to call it your seat. So you just stand and fume quietly.



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Nuff said..


Waking up at the crack of dawn

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Having to wake up super early and then having to get the very first train of the entire day and still be late for the 9am lecture.


Spending more time travelling than actually being in uni

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This can make it incredibly off-putting to turn up to your lectures. But you make the journey anyway...


If only...

When the one train line you use doesn’t do 24 hour service and you have to leave a party at 11:30pm or beg someone to let you sleep on their sofa.


Sprinting everywhere

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Sprinting faster than Usain Bolt for the last tube of the night or when you see the train doors about to close.


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