Find out how one student avoided paying a Ryanair charge by changing his name!

A student has changed his name by deed poll to avoid paying a £220 Ryanair charge after his name was wrongly entered on his flight booking to Ibiza.

After Alex Armstrong found out he would have to pay a £220 charge to correct his name on his flight tickets, most would have expected him to begrudgingly pay up and head off on holiday with his girlfriend, moaning about Rynair (he wouldn’t be the first person…). However, Alex found a way around this by changing his name by deed poll to avoid the fine and managed to save himself £117 in the process. It’s free to change your name by deed poll and then the new passport cost £103.

The booking was made by his girlfriend’s Stepdad, who checked his Facebook account for his name. As a joke Alex’s surname was listed as West, after the actor who played the original Batman. When the error was realised, it was too late to change the booking without paying the £220 administration fee. (£220! Is the Queen doing their admin?!)

Changing his name may have been a drastic step for £117 but, as a student, you have to take your hat off to him for his creative money saving skills. Budget airlines are always trying to find ways to separate us from our money, so it's good to see someone fighting back in a weird and wonderful way!

Alex and his girlfriend will now be flying to Ibiza next week as planned on the Ryanair flight, which originally cost him less than half the amount of the charge! He plans to change his name back to Armstrong after the new passport has expired, which will be ten years from now. Good luck to you, Alex West!


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