Christmas is fast approaching, and the team here at Student Hut have been getting into the holiday spirit. We held a very important meeting to decide what 11 things we absolutely love about Christmas, and here’s what we came up with!


Nothing beats the winter cold like a steaming hot cup of mulled wine or cider (or mulled anything, really) - and what better accompaniment is there than a deliciously warm mince pie with some brandy butter? And whether chicken, turkey, all the birds, or no bird is your bird of choice, I'm sure we can all agree that Christmas dinner is up there amongst the best things about Christmas. Stuffing, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings, gravy… I’m salivating just thinking about it.

christmas dog cooking cookies


With days getting shorter and shorter, bright summer evenings are little more than a distant memory. In all this darkness, where would we be without the magic of the glimmering, shimmering LED’s that adorn the towns and cities across the country? And who doesn’t love the excitement of decorating a Christmas tree?! Baubles are great things, and ‘baubles’ is such a fun word to say… (Baubles baubles baubles baubles)

dog christmas tree thoughts


Weather experts are suggesting that we may see a lot of the white stuff in the coming months! We are currently looking at the very serious possibility of a white Christmas. As much as snow can be annoying (cancelled trains, tricky driving conditions…), you have to admit that it is pretty amazing to look at. 

christmas snow scene hogwarts


Curling up on the sofa with lots of blankets and treats after a long day out in the cold feels pretty amazing; even more so when you know the weather outside is rubbish!



After the Great British Bake Off ends, there is a gap left in our television viewing lives that, try as they might, The Apprentice and MasterChef just can’t seem to fill… but television just gets amazing again around Christmas.  It’s great having all the channels competing for our undivided attention with classic films and exciting specials. Home Alone, Annie, Love Actually, The Polar Express… you may have seen them all before, but they are just as good as the first time every time! 

love actually christmas bill nighy band


The only thing better than receiving a lovely gift is finding a present for someone that you know they will absolutely love. Extra points if they cry! (With happiness, that is…) Lacking gift inspiration? Have no fear - we've compiled a guide to family christmas gifts full of great ideas. 

christmas presents under a tree


We’ve heard them all before countless times – but we all still love those classic Christmas tunes! (Mariah Carey, The Pogues, Band Aid… the list goes on). And, regardless of faith and religious belief (or lack thereof), Christmas Carols are the auditory equivalent of mince pies; not loved by everyone, but undeniably, quintessentially Christmassy. 

mariah carey christmas dance


Christmas jumpers, bobble hats, funky faux fur coats, and chunky scarves - enough said.

christmas dog jumper and family


By December, I am usually left feeling world worn and weary of our species. The run up to Christmas brings out the ugly side of people (Black Friday madness!), and the loving spirit of the season can become obscured under all the consumerism. But something lovely always seems to happen to restore my faith in humanity; whether it’s a message from a friend I thought I’d never hear from again, a random act of kindness, or alcohol... – I haven’t given up on the human race just yet!

the office christmas spirit vodka


Whether it’s one last messy night with all of your uni pals before the holidays, or that office get-together you pretend you are too cool for (but are secretly massively excited about), Christmas parties are great! Just be careful how much you drink… that glass of wine may decide whether you are the one doing the talking or being talked about the next day! (Trust me, I’ve been there…)


Even though it’s just for a couple of weeks and you might have January exams to think about, going home for Christmas feels great – meeting up with all your old friends, no more 9am lectures, free home-cooked meals... Bliss.

So that's all our favourite things about Christmas!

Have we missed anything out? Please do let us know: tweet us at @StudentHutUK

Merry Christmas everyone!

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