We all love an awesome Christmas party so here's a quick guide to help you host your very own!

1. Before the Big Cook

Every little helps

Tell all the friends that you’re inviting to bring nibbles, alcohol, games, music etc.

Make a shopping list

You can split the costs between all your friends so everyone contributes something.

Buy a roasting tray

You can invest in a decent roasting tray or you can get recyclable aluminium ones from any supermarket.

Know how you’re going to cook everything!

Ask your mum or dad or whoever usually does the cooking how you roast that turkey (or whichever meat or centrepiece you’re doing), how to roast potatoes, how long you boil carrots for etc.

Make a timetable

Things need to cook for different amounts of time so it’ll be much easier to draw up when everything need to go in and out of the oven.

Check you have enough plates

Double check everyone will have something to eat off. You will need lots of bowls and plates to dish things up on, too. Make sure all bins are in obvious places for people to put their rubbish.


2. Doing the Big Cook

Prepare the eating and cooking space

You’re going to need all the space you have because there will a lot going on! When everything needs taking out the oven and off the heat, you will need as much space as possible!

Do all the prep beforehand

Don’t cook and prep at the same time. Get your friends to help you peel the carrots, chop potatoes etc. This will make cooking quicker, too. Don’t forget to preheat your oven for the meat!

Baste your turkey

Make sure you spoon the juices of the meat over it to stop it drying out. Do this a few times throughout the cooking time.

3. After the Big Cook

Eat, drink, enjoy and be merry!


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