Not sure what to do this summer?! This is the ultimate student guide for Summer 2016.

Summer is upon us, and there’s nothing a student looks forward to more than three to four months of no responsibilities. But what to do? Of course, there’s those who work to save up for the upcoming year, those who head straight for Napa and Maga which they booked back in December 2015, and others who want to spend a good ninety days watching every season of The Walking Dead from start to finish. My definitive summer guide for all types of Uni students offers these options, other possibilities and where to start so you can plan for your perfect summer. Enjoy!

The Workaholic Student

If you’re the type of student who fears three months of no lectures and no work, don’t fear! There are plenty of summer schools, internships and more for the Workaholic student. If you’re looking about generally, try recruitment websites and agencies first like Reed, Indeed, Office Angels and Pertemps who are constantly looking for Uni students that take business, finance, economics-related degrees as well as any students with admin and customer service skills. If you’re more interested in fashion, media, film etc – try emailing these companies personally a few months before the summer. Magazine companies such as Grazia and LOOK often hire interns, as do many fashion companies (H&M Group, Arcadia Group, Inditex Group) and they absolutely love when applicants apply personally or request, as it shows that you possess initiative and drive! Failing this, try local companies (whether that be around where your Uni is or at home). Always carry a CV about with you in case you see job vacancies advertised anywhere.

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The Opportunist Student

Want to work, but have fun or a free holiday thrown in too? If you’re a bit of an Opportunist student, the following might be your cup of tea. For the student who loves music and festivals, try volunteering at a festival. In the UK, there are plenty of music festivals such as Wireless and Latitude that require helpers from bar staff to event stewards. Festaff and Hotbox Events provide lots of choice when it comes to volunteering locations and roles so check their sites out!

opportunities for students

The Clubbing Student

If you’re the type who has to go out at LEAST once a week, you might prefer a summer holiday filled with sun, sand and Sambucas, and might be known as the Clubber. There are plenty of great places to spend your holiday in the UK and go clubbing such as London which boasts hundreds of clubs dedicated to all genres of music from dubstep and trap to folk and indie. Brighton is a great break destination if you want to be nearer the coast, too.

Prefer outside the UK? Companies such as Club 18-30 and Thomas Cook offer good deals on clubbing deals, if you love nothing more the idea of spending a week in Malia or Faliraki. If you’re a bit of a skint student, check out club promoting jobs or holiday rep jobs on e4s, Season Workers, or just Google holiday rep jobs – many offer pay as well as free full-board, so you’ll only have to pay for flights! For the student who loves clubbing but wants to try something new, head for Eastern Europe. Clubbing festivals in Serbia, Croatia and Poland are cropping up, which are far cheaper and have amazing headline acts. Visit Festival Searcher to see the hundreds of new festivals this year based around Eastern Europe, such as Garden Festival and Outlook.

Student Clubbing Holiday

The Caring Student

Love being around kids and/or animals? If you’re known as the cook, cleaner and sometimes, counsellor in your Uni house, then here are some good ways for you to spend your summer. For the Caring student, volunteering at childcare camps might be a fun option for you. Camp America has a great reputation, with hundreds of UK volunteers heading off to the US every year to get stuck in. Google UK Camps to find out more info on where and how you can volunteer to work with children. If you have babysitting experience and a First Aid certificate, it might be useful to get some nannying experience over the holidays. Simply contact nannying/babysitting agencies (check your local phone book too), or get creative and make leaflets to hand out wherever you can. Explore Learning offer many summer temp opportunities for students looking for tutoring and teaching experience (great if you plan to do a PGCE after your degree). If you want to work with animals, get in contact with local wildlife centres, pet shops and/or zoos; many get busier during the summer and could need the extra staff. Look for pet-sitting jobs on Indeed or Trusted House-Sitters or look in local newsagents and check local magazines and newspapers.

Student Summer Jobs

The Daredevil Student

For the adrenaline-fuelled junkie, maybe pet-sitting and house-sitting just isn’t your thing. If you’re a Daredevil student, you might prefer to spend your holiday bungee-jumping, skydiving and more. Check out Virgin Experience Days for lots of different ways to have fun across the UK from paintballing and zorbing to even mountain boarding and yachting! Would you prefer to get outside of the UK? Greece and Italy are the perfect destinations for you. Greece provides plenty of opportunities for windsurfing, rock-climbing, kayaking and even volcano walking tours! Rhodes, Vaskiliski, Palekastro and Kos are the ultimate destinations for water sports, so if you want to get away, visit First Choice, Mark Warner or even your local travel agent to plan your holiday of a lifetime! If your whole flat are thrill seeker why not club together and hitch-hike and couch surf your way across Europe? Visit Couchsurfing and Hitchhikers to get more information.

Adventure activities for students

The Outdoorsy Student

For the Outdoorsy student, maybe the daredevil choices are a bit too heavy for you. The UK is full of plenty of places to get out and about like Centerparcs and Butlins, and National Trust offers a variety of places to visit such as gardens, parks, historic houses and nature reserves. If you’re in need with a bit of cash, there are lots of fruit picking jobs in the UK so if you fancy a bit of seasonal work, check out Fruitfuljobs. Fancy spending your summer getting a bit muddy? If you’d love nothing more than spending your summer camping, check out Pitchup and National Parks UK for great ideas on where to head for, with everything you need from the best locations to responsible and eco-camping.

Things to do in the outdoors

The Laidback Student

See yourself as a bit of glamour puss? If you’re more of a Laidback student, glamping is the perfect summer idea for you. Glamping is the best break you could ask for if you love taking in nature, but from the comfort of a lodge with a hot tub. Before you start looking at destinations or websites that offer glamping, take a look at Wowcher and Groupon before, as they offer some fabulous getaways at discounted prices, as well as numerous deals for spa and meditation holidays.

Laidback students

The Skint Student

Are you the student who’s looked at all of these, checked your bank balance and nearly cried? Fear not, you can still have a fab summer even if you’re a Skint student. If you’re London-based, there are a number of great summer events that cost absolutely nothing. London’s well-known The Scoop Festival is based at Southbank and there are a number of events from live entertainment such as dance shows and music to film screenings and more over June, July, August and September. Also notoriously famous in the capital is Notting Hill Carnival over August bank holiday, in which you can celebrate the beauty of carnival and Caribbean culture, all for the price of zero! More great free days out in London are Lambeth’s Country Show and Greenwich + Docklands International Festival! Free festivals and events aren’t only in London too. The UK boasts hundreds of free festivals, and across the Midlands there’s Nottinghamshire Pride, Leicester Caribbean Carnival (if you find that Notting Hill is a bit far out of reach) and plenty of others. Have a search around for others not only in the North, but also in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, such as Cardiff Big Weekend and Monmouth Festival! If you and your friends are skint, why not group together and go on a road trip? Petrol is far cheaper than train/coach tickets, and if you pack some snacks, you won’t need to pay for restaurant or café trips!

Having no money as a student   

With this definitive summer guide, hopefully you’ll be able to plan the holiday you’ve dreamed of!

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(Article written by Student Contributor Mireille Cassandra)

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