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Despite an unseasonably warm start to the autumn, the weather has now well and truly turned wintery. It’s getting dark before 5 and wooly Christmas jumpers are starting to be worn. Soon it will get to the point where your attendance at university will solely depend on the weather. However, you'll still head on nights out without any form of jumper or coat to avoid the £2 cloakroom charge! 

In your student house things aren’t looking too pretty either. You can see the mould claiming your shoes at the bottom of the cupboard. Despite paying £9,000 per year for tuition, as students we want to save the odd £20 here and there by playing a game of 'hypothermia roulette' and seeing how long we can survive without turning on the heating. Even the most frugal student usually gives in by December. It's at this point you discover that your boiler has probably already seen its best days and is about as effective as lighting a candle.

Yes, winter can be a tough time for students. Luckily we can ‘help’....

1) Wear a hat and scarf wherever possible

It isn’t frowned upon to wear a hat and a scarf around a student house. In winter you need something that resembles a tea kettle rather than just a hat. It’s when you are wearing a hat in bed, you realise that renting the cheapest place possible may not have been such a smart idea.

2) Layer Up

This is a perfect opportunity to buy a couple of university branded hoodies. Not only does it show the locals what an intellectual you are, you will need the extra layers. Think of December in a student house being like the year 7 camping trip to Snowdon that you couldn’t get out of. Basically, be equipped with thermals, a flask and plenty of biscuits.

3) Make soup

Or buy soup… that may be easier. Soup is good and even a student shouldn't be able to cock it up. If you do, should you really be at uni?

4) Get cosy with your housemates

If all else fails, and you are all still freezing cold, you may have to get cosy with your housemates for necessary warmth. Think of them as team duvet days! Or bonding sessions. You have chosen to live with these guys, so you must like them….

5) Have a healthy supply of mulled wine

Drinking warm alcohol is usually an unpleasant experience, but there are a few exceptions. Stock up on mulled wine and pretty much any liqueur to go in coffee. The heat will warm you up, and the alcohol will help you get your bacardi-gan on (see what I did there…).  

6) Have a sleep over in the library

Whether it’s the library or not, most universities have at least one 24 hour building. You are paying £9,000 per year, so it is your right to utilise their heating, isn't it? Take a sleeping bag, some snacks and you’re sure to have a great time. Plus, in January you can revise for your exams too!

7) Get to grips with the Tog rating system

Tog is the measurement of the thickness of a duvet. Learning this at school would have been a lot more useful than Pythagoras Theorem. In basic terms, 4.5 togs is not much more than a summer sheet and 15 togs is probably thicker than you. They go up in 1.5 differences between these extremes. It’s important to know your togs in a student house.

8) Create a bed office

The idea is that you can create an area to 'work' (and actually watch Netflix) without having to leave your bed. If you borrow lecture notes, have a supply of pot noodles and get enough books out of the library to create a little tower, you won’t have to leave your house or your pyjamas for a week. Well, only to go out drinking…


Doing exercise helps you warm up, but you are probably too lazy to go outside. That’s why you need to assign a room or corridor for activities. Football, basketball, cricket and even golf can be played in a well set up house. However, you may not get much of a deposit back…

10) Wear onesies to campus

Warm, fashionable and practical in the winter the onesie is vital for… actually no matter how cold it is, you should never stoop this low. If you turned up on campus in January with just flip-flops and swimming trunks on, you’d still feel less stupid than the onesie wearers.


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