Halloween is nearly here! We have a list of some universities that are hiding a dark history so read on to see if your uni has made it onto our spooky list!

Queen Mary University of London

The legacy of Jack the Ripper has left historians baffled and researchers confused for years upon years. The brutal attacks on five (and possibly more) vulnerable women has tainted Whitechapel with a bloody and gripping history that many are still obsessed with. Was Jack the Ripper an american immigrant looking for work in industrial london? Or was Jack the Ripper actually Jill the Ripper, a midwife on a crusade to cleanse Whitechapel of its victims of extreme poverty? The mystery continues and it lingers with Queen Mary, too.

Fast forward in time and Whitechapel sees the Kray twins creating havoc by committing arson, robbery and even murder. You can sit and drink at The Blind Beggar in Whitechpel which the Kray Twins used to plan their violent attacks and organise criminals to commit deadly deeds. Though London is constantly modernising itself, pieces of bloody history still watch you as you make your way into uni!



Avenue campus was originally built and used as a secondary school for boys so it is no surprise that this one building has seen thousands of students pass through it over time. But, now and then, the sound of feet running along the corridors of the oldest part of the entire building can be heard. Could this old building be holding secrets that no one can answer? Who is running along the corridor and what happened to them? Where are they now? No one has lived to reveal the answer...


A young girl has been seen around campus but no one knows her age, who she is, or where she goes when she runs from students who approach her. No one has seen her face because she covers it with a hat. Her dress hangs loosely on her small, fragile body and she giggles as if she knows the terrible fate of your end. Who is this strange girl and why does she continue to haunt the students of Aberdeen? No student has ever been able to talk to her (that we know of!)

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Bristol’s history with shipping a countless number of slaves to their terrible fates lingers even now. Some have reported hearing screams by the River Avon when they’ve visited. Not even the beautiful West Country can cover its bloody history but why can the cries still be heard? Could it be a dangerous warning for the future?



The residences of Cryfield are built on an old and spooky prison site and some have reported seeing the ghosts of past inmates walking around the area, as if stuck in a world of eternal punishment. Will these prisoners ever finish their sentences?


Sherlock Holmes had to deal with the Hound of the Baskervilles but the people of Sheffield have spotted a mysterious, savage black dog that hunts only at night. Where does this mysterious hound come from and how long will it continue to terrify Sheffield? Although it hasn’t been sighted in 10 years, it’s reputation still has the power to terrify!

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If you have a scary story from your university, let us know in the comments below!

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