I remember back to a simpler time when interaction between boys and girls was different. No, not when they actually spoke to each other! When Tinder was free and you could swipe and chat away at leisure.

Unfortunately, this is now a thing of the past as Tinder has started charging up to £14.99 per month for it's 'Plus' service! This basically means you can undo your last swipe if you make a 'mistake' and you can change your location. Yes, change your location away from the place you actually are! Is that an advantage?! Well, it definitely isn't an advantage worth the money they're charging!

So what do we do now?

It's quite a lot of effort to go outside everyday and if you go out in a onesie you're probably more likely to end up on the uni spotted Facebook page rather than on a date!

Luckily, like with everything these days, when something gets a bit rubbish, another thing comes along which is actually better! And this is where the Spotted App comes in.

Unlike the Facebook pages of the same name, Spotted is a dating app which allows you to interact with people who crossed your path. So you actually see people on the app who you may recognise from the library, a lecture or a night out. Instead of the complete randomers you see on other dating apps offering you an hour 'meet up' for 80 roses.... how romantic! Plus, if you can't find someone, you can leave a public anonymous message via the app (a little like the Spotted Facebook pages).

On Spotted, you can wink at people and if they wink back you can start a conversation. What's more, it's completely FREE to download and it was designed with the student campus lifestyle in mind! Has it hit your uni yet? If it hasn't, it's about to! Students are already flocking in their 1000s to the app.

Dating apps should just be about having a bit of giggle while you procrastinate in the library. And maybe meet someone in the process! I'm not the only one who's got fed up with Tinder, so I tried a few different free dating apps (I'm a student... I'm not going to pay for something like this!) and Spotted was clearly the one to use.... am I wrong? Let me know what you think!

If you are reading on your phone, download it on Android HERE...

Or on IOS HERE, and start winking!


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