Don't head off to a festival before you read these great hacks!

The festival season is well and truly here as we gear up for months of live music, bright colours and mud. With so many festivals popping up all over the UK, you don’t even have to travel miles to a big, long weekend festival to join in on the fun.

No matter how much you love them, thanks largely to the British weather, they can sometimes be hell, especially if you are unprepared. With no real bathrooms, no showers, no cooking equipment and no beds, you can see why some people claim ‘it’s not my thing’.

However these small inconveniences are nothing when up against the great music and atmosphere that surrounds you. To keep yourself smiling, there are some items you should definitely take, and things you should and should NOT do when you’re there. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you our list of top festival hacks...

Be Clever with Alcohol

Alcohol is expensive at festivals, so it’s best to be prepared. Most festivals allow you to take a certain amount of booze into the camping area, but not into the main festival. Festival goers always seem to find clever ways to keep the costs down but still enjoy a few drinks. It's sometimes worth being a little creative - a loaf of bread has never been so handy…

Get an amazing pair of wellies

There’s always one who reckons that they won’t need wellies as an ‘old pair of trainers will suffice’. At about 98% of festivals in the UK they are proven wrong, and they end up with mud all over pretty much every item of clothing they own and a mild form of trench foot. I know wellies are a pain to carry but they are definitely worth it.

Don’t be the one who belly slides in the mud

As we are on the topic of mud, I feel there is one more thing I should mention. Every year you see photos of very drunk people caked in mud after going for an ill-advised mud slide. In the photos, they seem to be having a whale of a time. However, you don’t see the photo when they’ve sobered up in their tent and have mud on everything and anything they own. It’s not a pretty sight, so no matter how tempting it is, don’t face plant the mud – if you must, wait until the last day!

Fit in with the hippy vibe

It’s a music festival so there will be a contingent of colourfully dressed people subscribing to hippy vibe. Most of these free spirited individuals are normally accountants, teachers and lawyers enjoying a brief venture into escapism. This is a music festival after all, so you may as well join them. Raid any charity or vintage shop in your area and get something which would look at home in an Austin Powers film.   

Big Body Wipes

These actually exist. Don’t just settle for a bog standard wet wipe, when you can get yourself a pack of full body wipes, measuring in at an impressive 4ft by 2ft per wipe. Judging by the promotional photo, we think this might have started as a joke gift, but they are very useful at festivals. Get yours here.

Dry Shampoo

Let’s be honest, even if the festival does have showers, are you going to use them? Probably not, but you still want to look at least presentable and vaguely clean. So after using your full body wipe, spray on some dry shampoo and you’ll be one step ahead of pretty much everyone else there.

Fanny Pack

Or money belt as us normal people this side of the pond call it. There is very little sexy about a money belt and wearing an American flag one is actually the quickest way to get beaten up in London. However, it keeps your money safe and it’s definitely worth investing in one. Wear it under your clothes though… it really isn’t a fashion ‘accessory’.

Get a portable phone charger

Unless you are still rocking a Nokia 3310, your phone will run out of battery during a festival, which is quite annoying, and most likely after only 6 hours if you are constantly taking ‘instagram worthy’ photos of you listening to music and drinking cheap alcohol. Luckily, portable chargers are around nowadays and are well worth investing in.

Ponchos are cool

Cool?!  OK, maybe not that cool, but a waterproof poncho is bloody useful if it starts raining, even if you look slightly like you’ve been wrapped in a huge condom...  But don’t worry - you can get pretty quirky ones, which can fit in well with your festival outfit. Just a warning, if you are going to a festival on the Isle of Wight a poncho won’t be enough...

Think About the Tent

If you go in a big tent group, there is going to be more space in your tent, but it’s easier to find space for and pitch a smaller tent. Whatever you go for, make sure you have an adequate amount of guy ropes and pegs. You don’t want to come back at 2 am to a pile of flat canvas sheets where your perfectly constructed tent once was. Find your patch early, create a circle of tents, then set up your fold-out chairs in the middle and enjoy.


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