10 of the best cities in Europe you must add to your travel bucket list this year.

Europe has a lot to offer holidaymakers and travellers alike. Rich culture, stunning scenery, tasty food and hedonistic nightlife is what you’ll find in a continent overflowing with ideal destinations for the frugal student. So, instead of jet setting off to a different continent this year why not explore all that Europe has to offer? With over 51 countries in close proximity and amazing hotel deals there really is no excuse! Here’s our guide to the top European cities that should be on every student’s bucket list. If you plan on visiting any of these cities, don’t forget to use our cheeky 10% discount code at the bottom of the article!

1. Budapest, Hungary

Fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for students, Budapest is a magical city which will leave you entranced by its natural beauty, wonderful spas and medieval monuments. The river Danube runs through the city separating the green hills of Buda and the urban district of Pest (creating the ingenious name of Budapest). A definite highlight is the magnificent Castle Hill, home to the Royal Palace.

Budapest travel - Castle Hill Budapest, Royal Palace

2. Lisbon, Portugal

The coastal city of Lisbon is full of cute cafes, vintage trams and idyllic beaches. The second oldest European capital has charming cobblestone streets and a laidback feel to it that makes for a fantastic summer escape. That’s not to say the evenings are dull. Bars and clubs line the riverside and street parties are commonplace.

Lisbon Travel - Lisbon beaches, cafes and trams.

3. Florence, Italy

Nestled in Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence is a place of world-renowned art and staggering beauty. As the birthplace of the renaissance that should come as no surprise. Home to the Uffizi gallery, Duomo cathedral and the breath-taking Basilica di Santa Croce, if you’re looking for a cultural or romantic getaway this is the city break for you.

Florence Travel - Florence, Tuscany Skyline

4. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a city bursting with energy. Chic boulevards, European art and culinary delights are all part of the allure of this modern European capital. Art lovers won’t be disappointed by the selection of museums including the Reina Sofia where you can see masterpieces by the likes of Picasso and Salvador Dali. Madrid comes alive at night with incredible restaurants, cocktail bars and nightclubs making this a city you have to experience.

Madrid Travel - Things to do in Madrid

5. Venice, Italy

Venice is made up of over 100 small islands linked by extraordinary meandering canals and bridges. Besides the waterways you’ll find a maze of bustling cobbled squares and alleys and striking renaissance architecture to explore.

Venice Travel - Things to do in Venice

6. Rome, Italy

Italy’s cosmopolitan capital city has famous architecture, ancient ruins and an impressive artistic legacy. Irresistible Italian food and gelato could single-handedly account for the thousands of tourists that flock to the city each year. With historical sites around every corner, Rome could be described as an ‘open-air museum’. Iconic symbols of ancient Rome such as the Colosseum demonstrate how past and present fall side by side in a city of immense history and character.

Rome Travel - Things to do in Rome

7. Barcelona, Spain

Visit Barcelona and you’ll be treated to colourful streets, eccentric art and buildings plus beautiful seaside. It’s rare for a metropolis to offer the appeal of both a busy city break and beaches to escape to, but Barcelona provides a perfect compromise. Gaudi’s quirky architecture is perhaps its biggest draw, and the nightlife isn't bad either!

Barcelona Travel - Things to do in Barcelona

8. Nice, France 

The picturesque city of Nice is known for its sunshine and pebbled beaches. The charming Old Town, pretty urban seafront at the Bay of Angels and glistening Mediterranean backdrop undoubtedly upholds its elegant reputation. Besides its beauty Nice has trendy boutiques, excellent markets and castle ruins.

Nice Travel - Things to do in Nice

9. Berlin, Germany

Iconic monuments, some of the best nightlife in Europe and creative art forms have made Berlin a top European destination. Points of interest include the graffiti marked walls (they’re more impressive than they sound, honest), superb museums and the historic Berlin Wall. Legendary bars and nightclubs mean on a trip to Berlin you’re in for some big nights out that will be memorable in some ways and not in others…

Berlin Travel - Things to do in Berlin

10. Vienna, Austria

Historical yet stylish Vienna has a great artistic, musical and intellectual legacy with both Mozart and Sigmund Freud having resided in the city.  An art haven with welcoming coffee houses and hip cafes Austria’s capital does not disappoint. There’s the impressive imperial palace, majestic architecture and great cultural entertainment at theatres, film festivals and exhibitions.

Vienna Travel - Things to do in Vienna

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