The party animal… The milk thief… The passive aggressive note leaver... Sound familiar? You’re sure to have met every one of these flatmates.


1. The One with All the Drama

You can always bet that something dramatic is going on with their lives. Whether it’s to do with relationships, friendships or just general gossip, you can be assured that they always have a story to entertain you.


2. The Party Animal

They’re always up for a night out and you can usually find them out drinking at least three or four times a week, acting like Freshers’ Week never ended. They may be bordering alcoholics, but you can guarantee that the party animals of the flat know how to have a good time.

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3. The Ghost

That one flatmate who you know exists because you can hear noises from their room, but none of your other flatmates has seen them. Sightings of the ghost flatmate are rare and awkward.


4. The Loved-Up Couple

There’s always one couple that basically lives together despite only living a few minutes apart on campus. They don’t really bother anyone, and you just end up accepting that their partner is part of the flat now. You just hope they don’t express their love for each other in the kitchen.

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5. The One Who Studies Too Much

They’ll either spend all their time locked up in their room studying or ask anyone if they’re up for a late-night study sesh in the library. They usually make you feel guilty about not working as much as them, but it doesn’t make you want to study any more.


6. The One Who Never Studies

This person spends their whole life procrastinating and pulling an all-nighter the night before an essay is due. They will put all their effort into avoiding work and then get super stressed around deadlines and start regretting their life decisions. Spoiler: they never change their ways.


7. The Gym Lad

This flatmate’s idea of a fun group activity is becoming gym buddies together. This idea lasts for a couple of weeks before they find another gym lad that relieves you of your duties, so you can go back to binge-eating and watching Netflix.


8. The Snitch

You can be sure that if you decide to have a flat party or a small get together that gets a little loud, you’ll have that one person – either in your flat or a surrounding flat -  who decides to call campus security at exactly 11pm to shut the party down. Yawn.

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9. The Resident Milk Thief

The problem with having a shared flat fridge is that things mysteriously disappear from it. Sometimes half of your milk will have vanished, or you’ll have considerably less butter than you thought you had. Most of the time, the identity of the thief remains a mystery.


10. The Passive Aggressive Note Leaver

With the fridge thief comes the passive aggressive note leaver who puts angry notes in the fridge calling out the thief. These people usually label all their food with their name followed by a ‘light-hearted’ threat. Unfortunately, this is rarely enough to deter the thief.


That pretty sums up every flatmate you’ve ever met. Which one are you?

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