Struggling to concentrate in the library? Grab a pair of headphones and check out what you should be listening to while revising!

During the exam period the library can quite frankly be a horrendous place to be. Too many people are occupying too few workstations, everyone is stressed and students everywhere are fighting over plug sockets. People start arriving at the library at 6 am and moaning that the library isn’t open twenty-four hours a day. When you finally manage to get your table and maybe even a socket, you’re confronted with even more trauma. The supposedly silent library is actually a chorus of papers rustling, chairs squeaking and the distant sound of sobbing.

This is why you need a playlist! Music which keeps you motivated but doesn’t make you want to get on the Jagerbombs and head out. Songs which raise your spirits but don’t get you so distracted that you start writing down the lyrics instead of revision notes. Everyone is different and some will go for deep house while others prefer Aqua’s greatest hits, but here is my revision playlist to keep the motivation high and the depression away.

I’m the Man – Aloe Blacc

This uplifting and soulful number will keep you relaxed but give you belief. He’s got a fantastic voice which should make it a pleasure to revise too (well… ish).


Save Tonight – Eagle-Eye Cherry

This is an absolute classic and has the ability to put even the most stressed out, revision-hardened student in a better mood. If it wasn’t for ABBA, he’d probably be the best thing to come out of Sweden!


No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley

Everything’s going to be alright! To be honest we could have chosen anything by Bob Marley to go onto the playlist but No Woman, No Cry makes it and is probably his most iconic track. The live performances are so much better than the studio version.


Lord of the Rings – The Soundtrack

This may be considered an odd pick but how epic would it be thinking that you are battling Saron and carrying the ring all the way to Mordor! It’s full of big notes and is actually really inspiring. Plus, research suggests that listening to music that you don’t know or that doesn’t have any lyrics is beneficial for concentration. The whole three and a half hour soundtrack is on Youtube, but here’s a sample of what you would be getting yourself into.


Happy – Pharrell

If it is good enough for the indoor bowls championship, it is definitely good enough for your revision! A really uplifting tune which should be listening to on regular basis during the exam period.


I’m Not Worried at All – Moby

Moby has a marmite-like ability to completely divide opinion- some think he’s talented and great while others just think he’s bald and annoying. However, the song, I’m not Worried at All, should definitely be on your playlist. Its relaxing words and melody will definitely loosen you up ready for some more revision.


Zebra – Beach House

Many of you won’t be familiar with the American band, Beach House, but their dream pop style sounds make them perfect to add to your revision playlist. The song, Zebra, has been chosen for this list.


Wind of Change – Scorpion

If you look for big songs to revise to, this is one you can’t miss out on. Scorpion's power ballad became popular in the early 1990’s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It’s inspirational and powerful; especially good for any historian students out there!



I am not really qualified to comment on this but when I was at university many of my friends listened to Mozart while revising. Students who normally would be seen singing along to Baywatch while topless were knuckling down during exams with some Mozart in their ears. Here is his Piano Concerto No. 21 (Andante). See if it works for you!


Just Breathe – Pearl Jam

Just by the title of this song you can tell it’s ideal for the exam period. Pearl Jam have enjoyed great success in the UK and have recently headlined festivals such as the Isle of Wight. The distinctive yet calming voice of the lead singer makes it a must for your revision playlist.


The Final Countdown – Europe

This one just had to be in there. Just think, in a few weeks’ time you’ll have 4 months of glorious summer ahead of you.


There is a vast amount of research on revision and the music that helps you concentrate, keep you motivated and so on. It appears that personality type and other factors have a huge bearing on what you should listen to. As I say, there is plenty of research out there if you fancy finding out more. But sometimes playing some big songs and keeping yourself happy (well happier) is key. We hope our playlist helped. To anyone brave enough to enter the library at the moment, don’t forgot your headphones and good luck!





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