It's February and you still have not miraculously completed your whole life plan since graduation. In fact, you haven't even dented in to it. Do not fret, there are lots of us that are all in the same position as you. So let's laugh about it, relieve some of the pressure and look forward to what the future has to hold.


Expectation Life sucks as a student because you never have any money. Now that you have graduated, you will be rolling in it...


RealityOh wait, what's this? Council tax? Oh..




Expectation - Now that I have worked really hard for the last three years to get my degree, I can get a really good job with loads of amazing perks. 


Reality - Well, a job is better than no job, right?



Expectation - I'll have companies fighting over me, begging me to choose them instead of the others.

Reality - Who would have known that there's thousands of graduates all looking and applying for the same jobs? Back off vulchers!


Spare Time

Expectation - Now that uni is over, I'll have loads of time to exercise and get in to shape again.


Reality - I am so tired from work today that all I want is bed. The gym is NOT happening.


Expectation - I am going to get my own place and start to officially enter adulthood.

Reality - On second thoughts, being with Mum and Dad has its perks... The food... The cheaper rent... Maybe I'll stay for just a little bit.



Expectation - I am going to go and explore the world! See and do amazing things - multiple adventures.


Reality Maybe I am not so cut out for this?



Expectation Now that I am an adult, I should probably learn how to cook so that I can invite my friends round for dinner parties.


Reality - I am too busy, I want something quick and easy when I get in from work. Plus, I'm only cooking for myself so what is the point in making such an effort?



Expectation - Friendships will be exactly the same as they were while I was at uni. We will have epic, drunken, fun nights all of the time.

Reality - We are all far too tired from the working week. Let's have a sleepover and movie marathon instead. 



Expectation - I will become so successful that my parents will be super proud of me.


Reality - They knew that my expectations were a little too high and are there to catch me when I fall. I will learn that they are proud of me regardless, as long as I am happy.


Expectation - I will meet my Prince Charming straight after I finish university and everything will fall in to place.


Reality - It's been two months, where is he? Why hasn't he found me yet?


The near future

Expectation - I can get a successful job for a couple of years to get some money and then I can start my family in a big, mansion-esque house in the middle of the country with a pet dog, Lola.


Reality - I much prefer the company of cats anyway. I've made my own (cat) family!


Nights Out

Expectation - They will still be weird and wonderful. Plus, SO MUCH fun!

Reality - Oh yeah, that's right... I'm old now.

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