Here's to NOT waking up with no memory of the night before and a Jager soaked top!

We’ve all been there: waking up after a night out, spooning a stranger and/or a pizza, with no memory of the night before. You feel awful and embarrassed, and you always feel that sense of impending doom that you’ve done something bad. REALLY BAD. Get up, shower off the shame, and follow these tips for a less messy, more enjoyable night out.

Eating isn’t cheating

It’s very tempting to skimp on the carbohydrates before a night out, whether it’s so you look skinny in your new bodycon dress or so you don’t have to buy that sixth drink. Contrary to the popular saying, eating ISN’T cheating. Eating a full meal will mean you aren’t the friend throwing up as soon as the clock hits twelve. It’ll also keep you fuller for longer, meaning you can outlast all of your friends on the dancefloor.

Outfit choice

It’s something that most people put (a lot) of thought into before a night out: your outfit. No one wants to be the person showing their carefully chosen kegs to everyone in the queue because they’re too drunk to stand up. Equally, you want to look and feel great in your next profile picture. If something doesn’t fit right in your room, it’s not going to fill you with confidence when walking into a room of (questionably) attractive strangers.

Know your limits

We are all aware of that age-old question – one more drink? Although your 16 stone, rugby player flatmate may be able to handle 10 Jägerbombs, can you? It’s always best to politely decline a trip to the bar if you’re having a good time. No one wants to see the awful results of it in your 9am lecture.

Stay away from the camera

Have you ever wished you could see yourself when you’re drunk? If we are honest with ourselves, we probably know that we don’t look so hot after a few hours of sweaty grinding. Smudged make-up, or a double vodka and coke that has split down your top – not even a mother could love that! If you’re not looking your best, stay away from the selfie stick or the club photographer. If it’s not caught on camera, you can pretend you were never a disaster at all.

Keep it in your pants

We all know that feeling: that guy/girl that you met at pre-drinks was giving you the eye, and before you know it, you are both getting off while Beyoncé plays in the background. Instead of a drunken one night stand, get their number and chat the next day. You never know, that might actually have something more interesting to say than, ‘You look fit tonight’…

Stay calm and carry on

When most nights starts so well, who would ever imagine that they could end in tears, arguments, and worst case, a usually pathetic attempt at fisticuffs? In reality, after you and your friends have drunk the bar dry, there is usually lots of room for misunderstanding. By sticking to your limits, you and your friends can have the best night possible, and avoid the mammoth argument over who paid for the taxi.


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