It's International Cat Day so what a better way to celebrate than to find out what kind of cat personality suits you best? (And look at cat pictures, of course!)

1. The Cuddly cat

You love to have fellow humans around you giving you attention and petting you on the head. You love to take a nice nap on the sofa and enjoy being comfy in front of the tv. Nothing is better than having others surround you so you can give all your attention to your friends in return!

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2. The Shy cat

You prefer to have your own little corner and observe others playing and socialising. And while they’re all having fun you can’t help feel you’d rather be anywhere but where you currently are. Everyone who approaches you will just see your shadow as you sprint by out the way.

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3. The Hungry cat

There’s nothing more you enjoy doing that indulging in food food food! Tasty dinners and delicious treats are the best way to get your attention and the best way to show everyone just how much you appreciate being served some lovely nom noms.

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4. The Motherly cat

You like to watch your fellow companions struggle at simple tasks and wait for the chance to show everyone exactly how it’s done! Deep down you care about everyone having a nice time whilst also being safe. But you can't help feel that everyone should watch and learn from the pro. Watch and learn, fellow and learn.

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5. The Picky cat

You like to pick your humans selectively. Only special humans can come near you and once you choose the right companion you’ll wholly dedicate yourself to them! You will follow them round but one wrong move from them and the picking begins again.

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6. The Lazy cat

Nothing wrong with having a good ol’ long snooze. Comfy bed, sunshine warming your feet, and a nice bit of peace and quiet...what could be better?

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7. The Feisty cat

You love to have some attention but all those eyes can get a bit much. So how do you deal with it? Getting out those claws, of course! More people need to understand you need your space so constant attention isn’t your thing.

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8. The Mad cat

Crazy, mad, insane. That's right. You stand out from the crowd and everyone knows your name. And they should! Because everyone should keep an eye out for you because once you choose your partner in crime, it's a life of adventure and mischief! 

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