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English- The Lion King

No degree other than English offers the same emotional range as The Lion King. Whether it’s the simple joy of eating grubs with a meerkat, the sorrow of watching your dad getting trampled to death by a herd of gazelle, or the unmatched high of falling in love to Elton John, The Lion King is nothing less than a meditation on the human condition and is probably better than, like, James Joyce anyway.

The Lion King

Anthropology- The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nighmare Before Christmas really asked the tough questions about human society: Can we truly understand other cultures? Who do our festivals belong to? Can a sack full of bugs really stop Christmas? Anthropologists are still grappling with the answers.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Gender Studies- Mulan

Mulan takes a hard look at gender norms but also has a dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy AND the best training montage in Disney history. This probably makes it a bit more entertaining than most gender studies degrees.


The Little Mermaid- Marine Biology

Three words: under the sea.

The Little Mermaid

Computer Science- Tron

Trapped inside a world of code with no immediate escape and forced to do battle with uncooperative programmes: the only difference between most computer sciences and the characters from Tron is that very few computer scientists are Jeff Bridges.


Classics- Hercules

Classicists usually have well-rehearsed answers for why their degrees are useful but probably the most valuable thing they’re getting for their tuition fees is a next-level understanding of Hercules. Given that they’re both mostly concerned with monsters and pottery, it’s hard to tell where the degree ends and the film begins.

Aladdin- Business Studies

No Disney film better embodies the rags-to-riches attitude of the UK’s business schools than Aladdin, a film with a pro-social mobility message and a genuinely unsettling giant tiger head made out of sand. Sadly most business studies lecturers are not as charismatic as the Genie.


The Jungle Book- Zoology

Bit too obvious this one, really.

The Jungle Book

Bambi- Psychology

Bambi is so traumatic (you know the bit we mean) that it's practically a crash course in grief and dealing with it. It'll also teach you valuable lessons about friendship, coming of age, and, err, how hard ice-skating is. Conclusions: forget that expensive psychology degree and just watch Bambi.


Pinocchio- Modern Languages

Whether it’s listening to people shout at you in incomprehensible Italian or frantically trying to pass yourself as a natural speaker (read:real boy), the average languages student can probably sympathise with Pinocchio.


Alice in Wonderland- Physics

Just like Alice going down the rabbit hole, taking a Physics degree is basically a chance to leave behind everything you thought made sense in the world and go to a place where everything is unfamiliar and terrifying.

Alice in Wonderland

Pocahontas- History

As one of the few Disney films inspired by historical events, Pocahontas is a valuable resource for understanding the relationship between Native Americans and English settlers. It really was good that one woman managed to end all the hostility between the two factions and everyone lived happily ever after and there definitely wasn't any smallpox. Right?


Treasure Planet- Sociology

What does Treasure Planet have in common with Sociology? Most people can’t remember what it is. Sorry sociology.

Treasure Planet

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