If you’re wondering what to do during the Easter holidays, then you need to look at our collection of silly ways to entertain yourself.

If you’re wondering what to do during the Easter holidays, and you’re trying to avoid revising, doing your essays or *ahem* actually starting that dissertation, then you need to take a look at our comprehensive list of silly things to do to entertain yourself. Because while we love our families, spending two weeks back in our childhood homes can be incredibly boring.

1. Build a pillow fort

Make the most of your parent’s fancy sofas by regressing to the mental age of a toddler and building a fort. Just don’t have a tantrum if it collapses on you.

2. Organise an Easter Egg hunt for yourself

I mean, you know where you’ve hidden the eggs but that also means you’re guaranteed 100% of the chocolate.

3. Face painting

When you go to visit your old mates from back home, make sure your bunny rabbit face paint is on fleek. Get that whisker highlight juuuust right.

4. Dress up as the Easter Bunny

What to do during the Easter holidays - legally blonde

Don a massive bunny outfit (no, not a Playboy bunny outfit, mind out of the gutter please) and hide in bushes around your neighbourhood, surprising people by lobbing cream eggs at them. Disclaimer: This might get you arrested, and is therefore not advisable and Student Hut do not recommend that you do this or take any responsibility for terrified old ladies.

5. Have a duvet day

No, not a day in bed, a DUVET day. See if Tesco’s security guards will let you in if you’ve got a duvet draped around your shoulders. Not technically pyjamas, is it?

6. Terrify your mother

Remember all those times your mum yelled ‘I’m not a taxi service!’ at you as she shuttled you from A to B and back again? Now’s your time to repay the favour. Offer her lifts to anywhere and everywhere that she needs to go and watch her repeatedly slam her foot onto the imaginary brake whilst clinging on to the door. Even if you’re actually a very good driver.

7. Make those little chocolate crisp and mini egg cupcake things

We all know the mini eggs will never make it into the chocolate nest.

8. Revisit all your old games

What to do during the Easter holidays - Skyrim

Settle in for a quick sesh on the old PS3 and we’ll see you in two weeks, pale and tubby with a crust of croissant crumbs and no completed essays.

9. Go to church

You know Easter is more important than Christmas, right? RIGHT?

10. Attempt to raise your own chicks

I’d personally love to see a person in a feather jumper incubating a box of Waitrose free-range eggs. Spoiler alert! They won’t hatch. Send pics.

11. Berate Theresa May for being an Easter pedant

You could do this on Twitter, but everyone will think you’ve missed the boat, so send a nicely worded letter instead.

12. Choose the Easter Sunday Roast lamb

What to do during the Easter holidays - Roast lamb

Off to the petting zoo with you.

13. Bring about world peace

Ask the Easter Bunny to hand out Pepsi instead.

14. Become the anti-spring

Wear only black and glare at anyone in a brightly coloured dress.

15. Revisit all your old exercise books

You can while away years looking through these things and b****ing about your old teachers. ‘“A very lazy girl’, Mrs Jones? Well look at me now!” you yell from the My Little Pony beanbag in your old room in your parents house.

16. Challenge your siblings...

...to an egg and spoon race but glue your egg to your spoon first.

17. Terrify your grandmother

What to do during the Easter holidays - hot cross buns

Bake hot cross buns with off-centre crosses then continually hand them to her upside-down to promote your own brand of atheism/humanism/the occult.

18. Paint eggs

Do a horrible job then give them to your parents and relive the ages of 2-7 before you developed any artistic talent and they had to pretend everything you did was amazing.

19. Change up tradition

Host a special Czech/Slovakian Easter, where men get to spank women in the morning and the women get revenge by chucking freezing water over the men the next day. Might be a bit of an odd one to do with your family, so do this with your old school mates instead.

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So there you have it, 19 ways to answer the question ‘What to do during the Easter holidays?’

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