Wondering what to do if you get a 2.2? Then we’re here to help (it’s not so scary).

If you’re worried about the upcoming final grades and wondering what to do if you get a 2.2, then please don’t panic. Pour yourself a nice cup of tea and read through our step-by-step guide to curing the Desmond blues.

1. Stop panicking

what to do if you get a 2.2 - new girl

You might look around at all the other people on your course and think ‘I wish I was as smart/intellectual/good as them’ just because they seem outwardly to be comfortable, relaxed and doing much better than you in class. But trust me, there will be lots of other people who are also on course to get 2.2s - it’s just that they probably won’t march up to you and tell you.

2. Start making yourself more attractive now

If you know you aren’t going to get a 2.1, then start investing in those extra-curricular things now. Think of all the things that set you apart from the bookish people. Maybe you’ve worked to support a family all through university or maybe you can start the world’s best coffee blog? There's something that sets you apart from the other - so find out what it is and give it 100%.

3. Start volunteering

Volunteering is an excellent way to make your CV stand out whilst actually making a positive change in the world. It shows that you’re selfless, thoughtful and entrepreneurial.

4. Don’t apply to grad schemes

I’m talking very broadly here, but there isn’t much point in applying for grad schemes if they absoultely require a 2.1. You’ll immediately be chucked on the ‘no’ pile, and you’ll have wasted your time and energy. Instead, look for big companies that will accept graduates with 2.2 degrees, or apply to smaller firms and start-ups and let them know why you’re more valuable than the number on your transcript.

5. Don’t lie on your CV

There's simply no point. You’ll probably be found out, might be fired, and employers won’t appreciate that you tried to pull the wool over their eyes. Instead, own up to the 2.2, explain why you got it (come up with a good, valid and honest reason) and tell them why you’re better than any other candidate despite it (or because of it, spin it any way that you want to)!

6. Remember that you’re in good company

what to do if you get a 2.2 - jk rowling

Want to be in a club with JK Rowling, Carol Vorderman and Hugh Laurie? Then you’re in luck! And remember, you're worth so much more than a degree.

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