Can you believe it?! Your UCAS is finally sent! Here are a few things to do now it's gone.

Check the Confirmation Email (and then check it again)

After weeks of thought and stress, it’s shocking how many people make a mistake when it comes to actually sending your application. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to click the wrong button, and sometimes when you’ve been reading over the same thing for what feels like hours, you don’t pick up on obvious mistakes. Check your confirmation carefully, and maybe get someone else to take a look for peace of mind.

If you’ve accidentally said that you want a gap year when you don’t, or somehow applied to study Fine Art in Norwich when you wanted to study Biochemistry in Newcastle, the earlier you catch your mistake the better! You can ask for help and try to get the mistake rectified ASAP.

Be Sure to Keep All Your Info Safe

Your confirmation email also contains all of your account details. Eventually, you will log into UCAS Track so many times per day that you’ll know every little detail off by heart, but for ease of access those scary first couple of times, it’s best to have all your details ready to go. If you’re an organised kind of person, write them in your diary, if not, make a little note on your phone (and maybe send it to a friend - just in case!).

Focus on Revising (but keep your choices in mind)

 All you can do now is study as hard as possible- but at least now you’ve got a goal to aim for! The universities and courses you apply for can also help you schedule your revision. If all of your choices require an A in Chemistry, and Chemistry’s the subject you feel shakiest on, now’s the time to get some help. However, if you feel like your B in English is easily achievable, don’t get complacent - far too many students end up dropping grades in the subjects they feel most confident in, so be sure to keep up revision in all areas.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Emails

Now’s the time to make sure you check them regularly, and that nothing important is going to your junk mail folder. If you’re not really an email kinda person, now’s the time to become one - there’s really no avoiding it.

Be Realistic and Formulate a Back-up Plan

Whether you feel confident you’ll get some, or even all, of your choices, or if you’re feeling pretty nervous, having a back-up plan is always a good idea. Don’t scare yourself too much, and stay optimistic, but having a rough idea of your next-steps if you don’t get any offers will make it much easier on you if it does happen. It's worth researching other routes to university, like UCAS Extra, and clearing, as well as other further education options, and even jobs.

Try and Relax a Little

Ok, so you can’t relax too much, because now you have to actually get the grades, but applying to uni is stressful! You’ve successfully achieved step one, and that deserves an evening of binge-watching Netflix, or a Saturday outside of the house remembering what sunlight feels like.

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