Students love shots, but what does your choice of shot say about you on a uni night out?

It's very rare to have a big uni night out without shots being involved. Whether it's because they are £1 each in the club or because the special character of your group only brings sambuca to pre's, students and shots go together. In a buzz of excitement everyone orders shots believing it's a great idea, only to start regretting it as the firey taste of alcohol trickles down the throat. This regret is fully realised the following morning when your head feels like it's done 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. You claim that you'll never do shots again, and this pledge lasts about 15 hours.

Your choice of shots as students is an indicator of character on a night out. What kind of student are you? The one that goes home at 12 because they have a lecture at 11am the next morning? Or the student that goes so hard, they can't remember their own name in the morning? Here's the guide to what your choice of shot says about you at uni.

Tequila Slammers

You're fun-loving, crazy, but still getting your 5-a-day. When someone gets out the tequila you realise that you were lying to yourself earlier when you said that tonight was going ‘to be a quiet one’. If the tequila slammer is your drink you probably spend a higher percentage of your time falling into a bush in the early hours of the morning than most.

tequila slammer student shot


You never order just one Jagerbomb! Jagerbombs give you energy (but not wings) and more often than not, get spilt down your top. The Jagerbomber (a person that loves Jagerbombs) never wants the party to stop and will be buzzing for an after-party when everyone else is ready for bed.

jagerbomb student shot


Vodka for some unknown reason is the un-official official uni drink. I think it’s because it mixes well with everything, except decisions. Vodka is a solid choice, but may suggest a lack of adventure. Take a walk on the wild side and order something different!



The sours drinker is sensible. Even though it's a spirit, it doesn’t taste like paint-stripper and a bottle of it doesn’t have enough alcohol content to paralyse a small elephant. They are holding back, probably with the mindset that chundering into a nightclub toilets doesn't constitute a great night. They could have a point with that one...

drinking sours shots


Absinthe drinkers are mental. Taking a shot of it feels like a small but very real fireball is going to attack your insides. Absinthe is a bad idea on all occasions, and don’t trust anyone who turns up with a bottle of the stuff. There's a high chance there will be tears by the end of the night.

Absinthe vegetable man


Ah, the creamy taste of a shot of Baileys; the ultimate winter warmer. Drinking Baileys gives you a rare sense of sophistication as a uni student. You are over the tequila, vodka, and even the flaming Sambuca days, and want to attempt to be classy. Bonus: you can drink it out of the inside of a marshmallow.

Bailey's marshmallow shot


Whisky isn’t particularly nice, especially when it's Sainsbury’s basic whisky. The whisky drinker is alternative and has aged before his time. Scotch whisky drinkers are usually passionate Scots who feel insecure about not being able to play the bagpipes. That has to be the only explanation why students shot it at uni...

whisky shot


Gin actually tastes good... if you mix it with tonic and a lemon. Unfortunately, as a shot, the same definitely cannot be said. Gin is a last resort shot! And if you have too much, things are likely to get emotional. Don't be the emotional wreck... stay away from the gin shots!

responsible alcohol intake

Flaming Sambucas

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of setting fire to Sambuca, but I presume they're not considered one of the sharpest minds of their generation. It is mainly students without facial hair who drink flaming Sambuca (for obvious reasons), and they are only slightly less nuts than the absinthe drinkers.

flaming sambuca

Skittles Vodka

Skittles vodka can be made by soaking skittles in vodka to give the vodka a sweet and fruity taste. This takes more dedication to drinking than most students are willing to put in. The student who puts skittles in vodka is revolutionary, dedicated and hard-working but will still have an awful hangover the next day.

skittles vodka

Remember, enjoy your shots responsibly.



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