Here's the very mean guide to what your degree choice says about you.

Gather round, gather round. We’ve summed up all the stupid stereotypes about degree subjects, and we’re about to tell you exactly what pop culture thinks your degree choice says about you. I hope you’ve got your thick skin on because we’re about judge your degree choices as harshly as Simon Cowell judges literally anyone on the X-Factor.

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People who study psychology are obsessed with Freud. They’re probably wearing a Freud T-shirt right now as they read this, and trying to grow a massive bushy beard, even if they’re a woman. Also we’re scared that they can tell exactly what we’re thinking when they look into our eyes, so we’ll avoid all eye contact with the whilst simultaneously asking for free therapy.


If you chose English then your only aim in life is to become an English teacher. English students are super quiet and basically just read books all day and sip coffee and sit around like they’re at a book club. And they definitely have at least one Harry Potter tattoo.


what your degree choice says about you - geography

People who chose to study Geography never really progressed from primary school. They’re obsessed with colouring in, and by the 15th year of education they hope to have nailed colouring between the lines. They aspire to be a middle-aged man in a brown suit and egg on his tie attempting to explain tectonic plates to a cluster of Snapchatting 15-year-olds.


They don’t own a single item of clothing that isn’t part of a suit. They even sleep in a tie and polished shoes. They can carry 3 stone of textbooks without flinching and only ever socialise within 200m of Chancery Lane Underground Station. Cold and boring and a nightmare to argue with because they win every argument with their lawyer-y ways.


History students are notoriously obsessed with watching reruns of Time-Team on Channel 4. They dress exclusively in black turtlenecks, berets and tortoiseshell glasses. Generally friendly people who can hold a normal conversation - as long as we don’t mention the war.


what your degree choice says about you - engineering  

Engineering students will fix everything in sight, even if it’s not broken. They are obsessed with bridges and often adorn the walls of their halls with posters of famous bridges. They are surprisingly adept at building gingerbread houses at Christmas. You cannot be an engineer and have 20/20 vision.


Medicine students are obsessed with guts. They play ‘Operation!’ endlessly and only socialise with other medicine students. The only reason that they chose to do medicine is so that they could stay at university and partaayyy for an extra two years.


We can’t be mean about nurses. Are there even any bad stereotypes about nursing degrees? In the words of Chris Traeger, ‘you should all be paid as much as the CEO of Google’.

Computer Science

what your degree choice says about you - computer science  

Computers aren’t a science. The big ones are for watching Netflix on and the little ones that you put in your pocket are for watching cat videos on. Although, Computer Science students probably know how to hack into Donald Trump’s Twitter account and make him stop nattering on about nothing for one minute, so maybe we should be nice to them.

Sports Science

Ooh, high up the list of sciences that are not science, this one. Sports science students are jocks, they play a minimum of 17 sports to a professional standard and they are exceptionally good at drinking.


Drama students are loud, have blue hair and insist on spouting Shakespeare at any given moment, like when you’re trying to have a quiet pint in the pub. Nothing ruins a nice drink like having someone climb onto the bar and launch into a one-person rendition of King Lear.


Oooh, hello smooth-talker. Look at you, in your blazer, with your plans for starting a business as soon as you’ve graduated. Business students model themselves on Sheryl Sandberg, until they lean in too far, fall over, and graze a knee.

Forensic Science

Forensic Science students are the vampires of campus. Their favourite TV show is Midsomer Murders, and they learnt Swedish just so that they could watch Scandi-Noir crime drama without the subtitles to make themselves feel superior. Don’t make enemies of Forensic Science students, because they could murder you without leaving a trace.


what your degree choice says about you - physiotherapy

Basically just fancy masseuses with a penchant for touching fit people.


We all know that all you want from life is to work in the City, commute into Liverpool Street every day and avoid taxes whilst getting enormous bonuses.

We are, of course, joking! It’s frustrating when people make assumptions about your degree, isn’t it? You should check out our degree and module reviews, where you can leave your own opinions and read other people's. You can also look at statistics such as graduate prospects, average salary six months after the course and assessment breakdowns.

So there you have it - exactly what your degree choice says about you, according to daft stereotypes!

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